Farewell to 2013: A non-existent government, a country adrift, a lost decade

The numbers of 10 years with fabulous and unique revenue in the short term to show absolute transparency deficit balance of a country without government, drifting and a missing chair, surrounded by a group of inept and corrupt officials that have led to the nation to the brink of disintegration. Out of this situation is very complex.

20/11/2013: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greets his fans at the Palms Patio at Casa Rosada. (PHOTO NA: CHAIR)

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BUENOS AIRES (Special to Urgente24). They’ll be forty years died Juan Domingo Perón and even today, who knows why mystery, most of the country is said Peronist and almost blindly choose their candidates.
Life versions of Peron exercising power in the Republic were so many that look after died, the same fate that ran misfortunes followed by Argentina itself with which clung to him to get to the Pink.
It’s risky for anyone writing speak ill of Peronism, or PJ in a nation where most lists of Peronist perhaps to change color depending on the occasion and well positioned in the path of the perks of accommodations, corruption, ie what’s left over in these lands.
The Kirchner, were no exception, and almost autotitularon Peronists and ferrous militants. They came to cheering Carlos Menem and sales of jewelry grandmother and then to revile with Similar vehemence.
Carlos Menem to protect themselves from the ravages of Kirchner, came to a head almost made Kirchner. Which is eloquent proof of the chameleon nature of Argentine political and the people that vote.
With this thick brushstrokes describing the infinite poverty with a vast and rich country in which only forty million people live, is handled is not surprising that after 10 years of extrordinarios income, growth at Chinese rates and cruel fallacy called “story” and “model”, the homeland of José de San Martín, Manuel Belgrano and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento attend, without mercy, cruelty at the polls to choose their renewed failure.
The biggest difference of this new disappointment with earlier is that this is given to the Peronists, although labeled as Kirchner.
Another major dissimilarities is that the crisis should and must be endured by decade is not only economic.
Argentina is destroyed.
It’s scorched earth.
No one and nothing has authority.
Individualism won by a landslide to the collective.
25% of the population is plunged into the worst poverty.
Education and public health is dire.
The famous and large middle class suffers unimaginable damage.
There is no currency inflation climbs steadily, reservations are almost nonexistent, oil laughs underground awaiting investors to deign to look.
Insecurity has lattice homes and public edificos. The bars are placed in homes to defend common criminals, the buildings are placed in state to protect themselves criminals who inhabit it and manage all resources.
The insecurity that the government does not fight, and it’s a feeling, a death is charged every 48 hours in the suburbs and in smaller part in the country’s capital.
The insecurity that feeds corruption occurs without pause the number of fatalities with tragedies like the Cro-Magnon, the station Eleven, floods in La Plata, or the lack of traditional infrastructure.
The report of the Observatory for the Social Debt Argentina (Catholic University of Argentina), supplemented by data from FIEL, happened to common people as one more piece in the middle of their own problems, but deepens the extent of the balance of a nonexistent government , a country adrift, a lost decade:
> Nearly half of workers have done a poor job or jobs indigence.
> More than half of the new generations of adults are excluded from the social security system.
> About 3 million people are malnourished.
> 37% of young people do not graduate from high school.
> 20% of young people not in school nor working.
> 12% of children aged 5 to 17 years to do any work activity.
> 1 in 10 homes have no running water and 3 in 10, no sewers.
> 2 out of 10 households require public assistance, a total of 23.5% who need a permanent social assistance program.
> 1 in four of the 500,000 households with public assistance no access to the real value of the basic food basket.
> The structural marginalization in Argentina did not improve despite growth at 8%.
> Crime, snatching and looting are within a context of social breakdown, of people who feel that the system does not include the distance and the better they are growing.
> Poverty increases for inflation and grows no formal employment, which in 2013 rose above 25%.
> In 2004, 68.7% of households had no unprotected connection to the sewer system, 8 years later, in 2012 the percentage dropped to only 61.3%.
> In 2004 68.2% of the poorest households had no connection to the gas network, while 68.5% did not in 2012.
> At the country level, there are 2,700,340 households in deficit, while in 2001 this figure was slightly different, 2640871.
> Public employees totaling 3,500,000 people in 2001 this figure amounted to 2,180,000.
> In 2000, there were 6,500,000 employees while precarious 6,800,000 today.
After 40 years who died Juan Peron, as mentioned at the beginning, with this numerical reality of chaos in which is immersed a country with differences in social classes that have been gigantic, very probably, as stated by all surveys, the Former Argentina society that the next president will remain Peronist.
So, the dream of emigrating is not surprising that dwell in the minds of many of the young people born in this bank of the Rio de la Plata.

20/11/2013: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greets his fans at the Palms Patio at Casa Rosada. (PHOTO NA: CHAIR)




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