LG Chromebase analysis and reviews of the first all in one with Chrome OS

LG has now introduced its new all in one computer with Chrome OS operating in their guts. This is the LG Chromebase noting Chromebooks to offer an unparalleled experience at a more than competitive price. And, although LG has not informed us of the price of the equipment (it will in a few weeks), judging from the overall price of Chromebooks would not be surprising that the LG Chromebase he would tarry in less than 400 euros / dollars. An amount that certainly convince more than one at a time to decide their next computer. But enough about prices and focus on the team.


Perhaps the most striking aspect of the LG Chromebase is its screen. The computer features a Full HD 21.5-inch screen. An IPS panel beautifully designed to offer a spectacular image quality in a size ideal computer. To get an idea, sharing the Chromebase iMac design would have the same size of this computer screen, a size that is perfect in every way from my point of view.

Processor, RAM and Storage

A level we find a processor Intel Celeron Dual-Core, not bad considering the few system requirements that has Chrome OS. To accompany this processor have 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It should be noted here that although 2 GB can be little for a Windows computer is a lot for a computer with Chrome OS. In this sense the speed of a Chrome OS computer with 2 GB of RAM is comparable to the speed of a Windows 7 machine with 4 GB of RAM in their guts.

As for storage, 16 GB but we can know a little (because it is) we should note that much of the price cut is just achieved by offering these little storage equipment series. In turn, we estimate that with the purchase of a computer OS google Chrome offers 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive for two years. This storage is attached to your computer and when you will see things that you can access both stored information stored locally and which you have stored in the cloud so indistinguishable. Another advantage is that you can access all the information stored on Drive from any computer with internet connection, so if your computer your information, photos, videos, files and music remain intact damaged.


In terms of ports we lack nothing with LG Chromebase. We have 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet input and finally an HDMI input with which you can transform your computer Chrome OS on a second monitor for your laptop. Can you ask for more?


LG would not leave any detail to chance and have implemented on your computer 1.3 megapixel camera capable of capturing video in HD resolution so that your video is going to do with very good image quality.


As is to be expected considering we’re talking about a “one” and not a “few things in one,” the Chromebase also integrated speakers inside your body, especially the two 5W each. This means you can get about half of their current service most TVs on the market. By personally I never pass 30% because I find it too high to reach the 50% looks like an old me. In any case you always have the option of adding external speakers.

Let’s talk about Chrome OS

Okay, all very nice, but very cool specifications … Chrome OS? Really? Will I can not give you the same with a Windows? The most daunting of a Chromebook is the Chrome OS and many people “afraid” to a computer requires constant internet access. To this I merely respond, when was the last time you used a computer without internet? What do you do on a computer without internet today?

The reality is that most of us use the computer connected to the internet at all times and even perform some tasks that do not require Internet connection (working with documents, for example) you will see that in Chrome OS can perform the same tasks. In this sense, the entire suite of Google working on Chrome OS is available offline. That is, templates, presentations, excel templates and type. There are many apps that do not require internet access and that function as individual apps on Chrome OS. If your concern is that you can not defend yourself without internet this should not be a fear when looking at a computer with Chrome OS.

In my particular case was resistant to use Chrome OS but once I sat down with my first Chromebook it was delighted with the experience. As user of Gmail and Google Drive it took me a few seconds to get used to the platform. I thought that being a web-based system would remove me want to use it but could not have been more wrong. 99% of the things I do with my computer are based on the internet so I had no problems using Chrome OS and frankly beyond the interface note few differences with my experience using an iMac. Who would have thought that such a cheap computer needed to do all my stuff?

Okay and what about the virus and updates?

That’s another advantage of Chrome OS, the virus does not have to be a web-based architecture and what’s more Google updates the system itself. So Chrome OS computers become better and better from the moment you take it out of the box. Unlike Windows experience will not deteriorate over time but remains more or less the same or better with time, something I personally appreciate.

Conclusion, reviews and price


However I think it’s a team worth. Chrome OS is ideal for young people accustomed to using Google services robust system. The 21.5-inch screen Full HD.





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