Outages: When CFK defending the “rights of persons”

Argentina: Last September, Cristina Fernandez, during a public event, spoke about the power outages in Rio Gallegos in times in which Nestor Kirchner was mayor. 4 months ago Cristina valued Nestor has been put in charge of the Civil Defense because the electricity was cut 3 days. He recognized that when cuts had “interfered with the rights of the people” and that public works undertaken by the former president began with improved power generation and then modernize the distribution system. All a far cry from his government and his current silence in El Calafate. The statement also mentions “emergency” by the courts.
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Cristina Fernandez during a ceremony last September in Rio Gallegos where ue announced the interconnection of Patagonia to the National Interconnected System (Photo: The Presidency) was completed
Macri declared state of “emergency” by the cuts (and ordered exempt ABL)
“Power outages predict tough times for development”
BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24) -. 14th of last September, Cristina Fernandez led a ceremony in Rio Gallegos where he announced that the interconnection of Patagonia to the National Interconnected System and the return of the free zone for the towns of Rio was completed Gallegos and Caleta Olivia. In that speech just over 40 minutes can be read in full here the first president recalls an incident during the administration of Néstor Kirchner as mayor of Rio Gallegos.

There are several interesting points as well as Cristina says the story of Max tantrum because he was without light. For example said that-unlike her currently being held at Calafate, on the 3rd day without light Néstor (then mayor of Rio Gallegos) was placed at the head of the Civil Defense and then performed works primarily to increase the generation of energy and then modernized distribution.

Cristina also mentioned that “we were in a situation affecting the rights of individuals.” Here’s the full paragraph: “Last Friday, at 2.30am, I called High (Kirchner) and said ‘the light last night, again, again the lights went out.’ Well, he became very angry when the power goes out because he remembers when he was little that light is cut then the father came to the Government and then no more light because he got things I had to do. She works not only in generation but also distribution and transport (…) I remind you of some (…) that we have so many problems to light that there was a time you had Río Gallegos 3 days without light Emergency was declared took the lead and then Mayor Nestor Kirchner as head of Civil Defense because we were in a situation that affected the rights of the people were without power because first, but being three days without light immediately began to be without water because no pumping wells and I remember that people came to beat me to the door and gave me no more, no longer could the diapers of the boys, who had already finished everything and then the first thing that Nestor did was to take command utilities (…) and first solved the problem of generation of energy production and then we had a large distribution problem so we also cut the light … “

Rio Gallegos integrate the electricity grid





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