Solving Unexpected Closures iTunes App Store with iOS 7

Apparently, there are some users that after updating their devices to the latest version of iOS 7 7.0.2, have encountered unexpected problems closing the application after opening iTunes Store.

Apple is aware of this and other failures brought about iOS 7.0.2, as the problems of sending and receiving messages through iMessage or also unexpected closure of the FaceTime application.

Possible Solutions to Crash of the iOS App Store in iTunes 7 for iPhone and iPad

Then we leave you with some possible solutions that can solve or at least try this problem, whether it is present in an iPhone and an iPad.

Close iTunes and reopen it

The first solution seems the most simple but can be effective, is to kill the application and for this we have to follow these steps:

Double click the Home button so that activate multitasking.
Now we look for the iTunes application and on its window, we swipe upwards to close.
Then re-open the iTunes application and we check back again if you have problems “crash”.

If, after the application launched again, the problems of “Crash” continue, we recommend that you spend the next step.

Go to iTunes Store App Through Music

Another option we have to kick the iTunes application is to do it through the music app, for this we have to do the following:

Open the Music application.
Now in the upper right corner click on Store.

With this should automatically open the iTunes Store application, in this case, if the application does not close automatically, we could say that our problem has been solved, at least temporarily. Using this method, in principle, required to be performed only once, the other times we can directly access the iTunes Store app.

If the app is still closing unexpectedly spent the last tip that could help us to fix this bug.

Modify settings Cookies

And finally we would check the settings that we have implemented for cookies on our device and if necessary, change them. For this we have to follow these steps:

Open Settings
We drove down to the Safari section.
Once inside, access the Security and Privacy section.
We entered the Cookies options.
Show Third and advertising have enabled.

Apparently, users who have cookies in the “Always” are those who are suffering these unexpected problems closing the iTunes application, which should solve this problem after changing the settings the same.

Does Crash Problem iTunes App Store persists?

If you have followed all the steps and continue to suffer the problem of closing the iTunes Store app unexpectedly, we advise you restore your device or expect to iOS version 7.0.3 is launched by Apple.






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