The 5 most common problems in iOS 7 and how to fix them

(CNN) – The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7 received mostly positive reviews after his presentation on September 18.
It was the biggest change for iOS since it was launched six years ago, it remodeled to add several new features and give a cleaner, abstract, modern look.
But nobody’s perfect, right?
It is not unusual for new operating systems have some flaws in its early days. This time no one speaks of something catastrophic, as the fiasco of maps in Apple iOS 6 prompting CEO, Tim Cook, issued an unusual apology and, according to some people, led to the departure of senior vice president Apple, Scott Forstall.
However, after a few weeks of existence, iOS 7 has caused a handful of complaints from users. These are five of the most common, plus tips to solve or at least circumvent.
1. Failure iMessage
Apple says it is aware of a problem that causes the text messages that are sent through its iMessage application are not transmitted in the case of some users.
In several forums dedicated to Apple, iOS 7 users complained that they had sent a message that was apparently successful, but later saw the dreaded red exclamation mark indicating that it had not sent.
“We are aware that there is a problem that affects a fraction of a percent of our users iMessage and have a solution in an upcoming software update,” Apple said in a statement that was sent by email to the media.
“Meanwhile, we encourage users who have problems to review our documents troubleshooting or to contact AppleCare to help them solve their problem. Offer an apology for any inconvenience this may cause to the affected users.”
What is the solution? Until the update is released, some users say they have managed to get rid of the problem by turning off the phone and turn on again.
Two. Fever animations
Some people say that iOS 7, and the ill … literally.
Users of iPhone and iPad, or at least a few, say they have symptoms similar to motion sickness when watching animations iOS 7. In the new system, the images and diverge when users move between applications.
As explained in TIME magazine, the brain is impaired when the eyes try to focus images that do not match, for example, when you’re in a boat or rocks in a moving car and try to read a static object such as a book.
What is the solution? Users of iOS 7 may follow the “Settings” then “General” then “Accessibility” route. Click “Reduce movement” approach to remove.
Three. Battery runs out quickly
This is where users of previous phones like the iPhone 4S most often reported. Just say the iOS 7 seems to deplete your battery faster than iOS 6.
One factor could be that iOS 7 extends the ability to run applications in the background while concentrating on another task.
The solution? Again follow the “Settings” route and then “General”, but then select “Update Background Applications”. Here you can choose which applications can run in the background and which are not.
There are also some steps to save energy in general, and reduce the brightness of your screen and make sure the features like GPS and Bluetooth are off if you’re not using.
April. You disconnect from certain applications
This failure perhaps fix itself over time.
When Apple upgrade your operating system, applications that depend on parts of it (like the camera) must also be updated. Until that happens, sometimes disconnected users. On the Apple forums, users mentioned that applications like Snapchat Mailbox and were frequent offenders.
The solution? Some developers may have already modified their products and are probably other solutions arise. But if you’re still having problems, you can follow again the “Settings”, “General” and “Update Background Applications” route. Turn out the applications that have problems.
May. Error code that allowed skip the lock screen
This was addressed in an update to Apple iOS 7 a few days of the new operating system is presented.
During the early days, iPhones and iPads were apparently vulnerable in a particular case. If users were running the Camera application and was active in the Control Center Lock your screen, someone could take steps to unlock your phone.
However, the iOS 7.0.2 update 7, which was published on 26 September, ‘fixes bugs that could allow code to the lock screen is omitted, “according to Apple.



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