How to solve the problem number in other WhatsApp account?

I guess some of our readers would ever have happened. And although it’s unlikely for the time it takes to take down a certain number, it may be that your newly acquired SIM encounter the problem of number in other WhatsApp account. That is, that the previous owner has not discharged, and that you will be impossible to register it with your WhatsApp account.

How to solve the problem number in other WhatsApp account?

If you encounter this problem, the fact is that some can do but wait. Actually, Whatsapp policy contemplated that after six months of inactivity, the account is free, and so another user can record the number itself as a new account Whatsapp another mobile terminal. But we do not know how many months of inactivity has the SIM that we will have no check often.

And I guess this will awaken doubt the most curious of privacy. What if my carrier cancel my SIM number with all messages and contacts that I have? Well, nothing really. These data are maintained to secure because Whatsapp keep them on their own servers. The only thing that could happen is that a friend sent a message to the old phone you and be with you and is actually another person.

In any case, if you replace your line, shoot it down, or no longer use it and you fear that you pass something similar, I recommend you visit the official page of Whatsapp and ask yourself the supply service to avoid headaches others and yourself.




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