The legend kiss

I do not know why I say “Legend” this myth … I wonder how my kisses are not answered … How do I define them? Cast?? Demanding? Sweet?? Intense?? A kiss between two seals are lips that look like flyers, designed against the most intimate advance! There are questions that reponden, are made to be consumed., But your question has moved me …! Imagining, kissing! My mind, determined, threw aside reason, castaway on unrealizable voyage to unite your impatient with my restless, rebellious milestones, insubordination, your utopias and my anxiety. I mix feeling, or ignorance of not knowing how or why we got here … Insisting on discussing, hidden, without understanding exactly what is happening, but what convinced something happens to us. Subtle and superb, it starts materializing this invaluable approach, are seeking two … until they are. Then they surprise emotions What will your kisses? How will mine? Head to head! Your words, my thoughts, our indirect infant, between the lines, incomplete words, laughter and rumors … Suddenly, concrete impressions What to do? Let shy induced compelling outcomes. The scene is concerned with proposals unlikely essence of the substance as apparent indifference wearing I reveal! I close my eyes and open my imagination. Kissing with delivery transcends the universe and in a sublime act shocked understanding, forge flare bodies, shakes up the appetite and triggers foolishness. Kiss apparent heart enshrines the fire. That kiss! Is that what you think and more! It possess the softness of foam poured over the candle, heat thirsty pupils, related power beats do not stop. Our moist lips will forget about! Melted, it will be what we dream. Correrrán pats seeking his own appetite, tired moments of thinking will create new forbidden kisses! Each will retain the fragrance and effort to discover the whimsical desire to trap the sighs! Be there, exhausted and sweaty, willing and eager, proud and intriguing, elucidating you, one by one, all tracks to suggest you my mysteries. Vehemently shut circles separating your breath and mine, so, so close … I will be exploring the delirium of ecstasy agencies, travel rhythms and anxieties stirred intentions! Seguirermos getting high until the distant stars, we shake with his outbursts asked me how are my kisses, now … I opted fantasizing how they will be yours! SC Moon Kiss “There are kisses that produce ravings of mad passion and ardent love, you know them well are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth” Gabriela Mistral


By: a Great Site od Worpress… Anonymous, spreading the art and feeling


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