5 Things You taught us about the Incas that proved lies

Many of us spent our school years together with boring books and educational films for courses in history was the era before the advent of Wikipedia and we had no way of knowing that what they taught us were basically lies. But now we have a whole team of editors making sure that what is shown on the internet is pure truth … right? May. Legend of the Ayar brothers. When we try to recall the origin and early Inca culture very few think of the migration of a fraction of the Tiahuanaco Collao Plateau towards Cuzco, and if they thought the god Inti Thank you survived beatings for being the lorna school. Instead what comes to mind is the Legend of the Ayar Siblings. The bottom reads: four brothers and their wives, sisters too, they left the mountain Pacaritambo. Among them was Ayar Manco who, after betraying his brothers successively, some turned to stone, the other winged man stays with his wives and finally established in Cuzco. Every successful team needs a winged man. What our teachers forgot to mention was that this story was picked up by Juan de Betanzos, who being married to a sister of Atahualpa allows us to assume that this information obtained directly from the Inca elite. Now all is clear, why teach the historical origin of the Inca culture? You better tell us the mythological version but entertaining. If you are in a book it must be true. April. During Incanato all was peace and harmony. In school days we were taught that the Incas were noble and generous gentlemen with his people and is guided by the principles of Ama Sua, Ama Ama Quella and Llulla. It was a utopian society in which nothing was missing and the only reason why we do not still live in this earthly paradise was the arrival of Francisco Pizarro and his Spanish troupe in 1532. Everyone knows what happened next: the killing and persecution of the last Inca rulers followed by centuries of slavery and servitude to the Spanish crown through the Viceroyalty. . It is a story worthy of being directed by Mel Gibson … or on second thought maybe not. However it seems that our teachers, in an effort to protect our children’s ears or just because they were on the moon, they forgot to mention the abuses committed by the Incas with the peoples they conquered. Thus by the Incas writers know that these peoples had their engineering-such as roads and irrigation systems-along with a reign of terror with suppliers ready to report the slightest infraction of the authorities, who executed punishments ranged from mutilation to death members. And do not forget that it was customary to make drums with skin or rebels defeated enemies. That last one has put me off playing Rock Band Incas. Three. The Legend of Manco Capac and Mama Occlo. This story is well known and just remember that Manco Capac and Mama Occlo were brothers, being sons of the sun god, and also husband and wife. His father decides to send to the world of men to teach them to hunt, grow crops, weaving, cooking and other useful things to survive. How did before his arrival? Nobody explains. It is well established in Cuzco, establishing itself as the first Inca governors. At school I had the idea of ​​a Schwarzenegger Capac. This legend comes to us thanks to the Royal Commentaries of the Incas Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. However it is considered that this story had to be made during the height of the Inca state to give divine support to rulers or even could have been created by the same Garcilaso. Two. Thirteen Incas. At school we were taught that the Inca rulers were thirteen and recite fluently knew from Manco Capac to Pachacutec Atahualpa through and others. However this dynastic structure is wrong if we are to believe people like the historian Maria Rostworowski or our former minister of culture. Beards are not surprised, so were the Incas! The problem is that the lists of probable rulers were written in the sixteenth century, centuries after the first ruler of the Incas was established, as it depended on the oral tradition for most of its history. This is coupled with the dynastic vision of European monarchies had chroniclers, which led to today taught in schools the familiar list of thirteen Incas although there are differences in the number of Incas between various sources. In a few years the writers will not know if they were 11, 12 or 13. We must take into account that some historians posit the possibility that instead of a monarchy was a diarchy, that is, two simultaneously Incas and others who had three, or four. In other words: who the fuck knows? And that we should not forget the Incas unfortunate that apparently were eliminated post: Tarco Waman, Tambo Mayta, Inka and Inka Farma Urqon. Legacy of the Incas living among us. 1. Tanhuantinsuyo flag. Like any self-respecting state, Tawantinsuyu had a flag flying their armies when they went to “civilize” other surrounding towns. This flag has such historical value that never well-even our congressmen had the excellent idea of ​​turning it into historical heritage of Peru. All this would be fine except that this flag was never used by the Incas. We worship the sun to revere the rainbow. It all started in 1973, the year in which to celebrate the anniversary of a radio station Cusco began to use this flag, such was his popularity that the mayor declared Cuzco city emblem in 1978. Up here there would be no more confusion if it were not for that year in San Francisco the same flag, designed by Gilbert Baker used to represent gay pride. San Francisco and Cuzco: united under one banner. Over the years the flag has gained popularity for both uses and

has even served as inspiration for the popular cocktail Macchu Picchu.


Font of information: http://kemados.webs.com/5mentirasincas22.htm



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