Five disgusting things that you do not eat and you imagined

For some time now has been observed that the trend is showing consumer society is neglecting or processed junk food and encourage natural or organic origin, you know, food that can be found in nature as crushed insects and human hair. May. Calcium Carbonate Calcium carbonate is a nonmetallic mineral extracted from limestone quarries and is also found as the main component of shells and skeletons of many marine organisms as well as eggshells. Its industrial use as fill is widespread and is one of the basic ingredients of cement … obviously something that serves to build houses can not be in our food no? “The edible Hansel and Gretel house today.” But when I have eaten this? Probably every day, remember when I mentioned lines above the calcium carbonate is used as filler in many industries? Failed to mention the food industry that seems to be guided by the motto “If you can carry flour calcium carbonate.” It happens that this material is added to breads, cakes and pastries containing the call bread dough which in turn has as one of its main ingredients to the aforementioned calcium carbonate. “And now fortified with calcium” And it gets worse. One of the main reasons for its use is its high content of calcium, a nutrient necessary for life, but the good news is that it is already being replaced by alternatives such as calcium sulfate popularly known as gypsum. “Looks like you were wrong not to say that your bread was hard as stone.” 4. Collagen Collagen is a protein found in the animals being part of the skin and connective tissues of mammals. It is a very elastic material which is found in tendons and ligaments. “I just hope they do not make gum with this.” When I eat this? When the connective tissue of animal waste is boiled and cooled later obtained a substance known as gelatin, yes, the same one that comes in delicious flavors of strawberry, orange and pineapple. To be more precise are often used hides, skins and crushed bones of cattle for this process. “Here your dreams are going to be a vegetarian.” And they get worse. You know that other uses are given to collagen? Following a similar process gomitas gelatin (the chewy sweet) occur, but using the connective tissue from other animals such as horses, and fish can also be prepared rubber (the adhesive). “‘s Add flavoring and coloring agents allowed pum! assured success. “3. You know Shellac Shellac is this kind of resin used for shine and finish furniture. It is obtained from the resinous secretion of an insect called worm very original lacquer (Lacquer Laccifer) inhabiting Southeast Asia and has a variety of colors ranging from yellow to red. “This can not lead to anything good.” When I have eaten this? You must have noticed that the apples you buy at the supermarket are bright and shiny unlike the corner of Orchard which are usually opaque, this is because the shellac is used to give the characteristic bright fruits. And is not there, you’ve seen the capsules and tablets also shine pretty … draw your own conclusions. And it gets worse. To produce this resin the worm consumes the tree sap and excreted almost constantly shellac that branches getting stuck, when it is collected many insects are quietly enjoying life are collected by the resin and end in, well, you can imagine where. Two. Carmine Carmine is a pigment and food additive that is extracted from the cooking water insect known as cochineal which has been previously dried and tortured … sorry, crushed and used for its red color cosmetics, paints and crimson ink . “What will I be paying my god? – Cochineal “When I have eaten this.? Every time you eat a food of red, whether yogurt, juice, meat, biscuits, gelatin (again!), ice cream or candy, you’re ingesting insects demolish the result. And this is all the fault of the consumer who wants to see the red color in your strawberry ice cream and is at the expense of small beetles eat. “I can not even imagine where they got that green color.” And it gets worse. As is known to dye can cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis to certain people. The code is Carmine E120 if by now you came paranoia and want to check the ingredients of everything you eat. “You can see why they call E120 not Bug Shredding No. 120” 1. Cysteine ​​Cysteine ​​is a nonessential amino acid, meaning that is synthesized naturally by the body and is produced industrially from human hair to be a natural source of protein, a few years ago this hair was obtained from hairdressers to all throughout China. “It seems to be true that China will monopolize all markets, to the human.” When I eat this? Cysteine ​​is used as a flavoring in many foods, particularly bread which could be committing cannibalism every day at breakfast time while watching TV First edition. “Or a dinner with Hannibal Lecter.” And it gets worse. For a time they are making efforts to change this situation and now up to 80% of cysteine ​​is used industrially produced from duck feathers … ummmh! Delicious. :))



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