Five Latin American dictators who were insane, crazy.

Latin America is home to the real, wonderful, magical realism, and other genres that portray perfectly ordinary places truly amazing things happen. Latin American authors like Gabriel García Márquez have captivated the world with this style. Few outside the subcontinent would imagine, however, we have had people who have been governing us as if not more extravagant as the fictional characters # 5. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Mexico) If there is a direct relationship between the length of the name of the subject and the degree of madness that this holds, then Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna Perez de Lebron should have been a complete lunatic. The very fact that this soldier, who was president when Mexico lost half its territory to the United States, has decided to use the nickname “Napoleon of the West” is very slightly offset indicator of perception of reality. Although this is a Napoleon which yes we would be willing to support. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was involved in political and military vicissitudes of Mexico since before Independence. In independent Mexico participated in countless civil wars and coups, plus the presidency on numerous occasions during which bloodily repressed opponents. But the constantly changing political camp (it was realistic, insurgent, liberal, conservative, monarchist and republican at different times), addiction to gambling, the liberal use of violence, and above make address him as ” His Serene Highness “after becoming dictator for life are relatively small extravagances in Latin America of the nineteenth century. Santa Anna did everything big: both his defeats with USA / Texas as his greatest act of folly was of epic proportions. In 1838 the French invaded the port of Veracruz, and Santa Anna took command of the Mexican forces. In one of the subsequent clashes “Napoleon of the West” was wounded in the leg, which had to be amputated. So far there is nothing that does not happen every day on the battlefields of the nineteenth century. And here comes the madness. Santa Anna he organized a state funeral to his leg. A leg. With wake, Mass, crying, funeral and all. We imagine that this must have been his tombstone. Anything else would be too insane. In one of several occasions when he fell into disgrace, the people went to the grave of his beloved leg and dug, committing all sorts of mischief with her. Unfortunately for most, the prosthetic leg he used for several years was captured by the Americans in the War of 1846, and saved as a trophy since. A real disgrace. Fortunately he did not need his leg for later, and very successful, as guitarist / old hippy. # 4. Mariano Melgarejo (Bolivia) If we specify that Melgarejo (1864-1871) was probably the most barbarous of the era known as the “barbarian leaders” in Bolivian history, we know it must be a locazo. And it was. Perpetual Conspirator, came to power through a bloody coup, and when another leader took the Government Palace to do the same, Melgarejo entered, shot and killed him and took his body to the balcony. Seeing a crowd shouting “Viva Belzú” had to start shouting “Viva Melgarejo”. Amid all Bolivians, aware of his psychosis dictator chose it safe. Those eyes … those eyes … Is crazy! But his thirst for blood was not the limit of his madness. Stipulated certain conditions for indigenous communities to preserve their land, but it did not spread to any decree. Consequently, all their lands expropriated them, and handed them to his cronies. The Indians were massacred without mercy. Likewise, any opposition from sectors of Bolivian society illustrated was suppressed in blood and fire. At this point perhaps one can say that Melgarejo was just the typical Latin American militarote. But where better demonstrated his madness was in his drunken foreign policy and geographical knowledge. According count his contemporaries, during one of his many drunken concluded that the UK had mortally offended Bolivia, and that he and his army would retaliate with a radical means, but effective: an invasion. He took his army of La Paz and were put to march. When I pointed out that Bolivia had no outlet to the sea (which actually did have at the time, but we’ll get to that point), Melgarejo ruled that Peru could go by. Next, they told him that England was an island and that Bolivia had no ships available, Melgarejo gave a very simple solution: give up his soldiers would swim with England. When your folly exceeds that of Napoleon and Hitler are definitely playing in the big leagues. In another binge, decided that he should defend Paris from the German armies during the Franco-Prussian War. In this case concluded that there was no need to swim to get to France, as it would take a shortcut through the forest (?). On another occasion, he was so grateful for a horse that gave him a Brazilian diplomat, who proceeded to cede Brazil a huge stretch of Bolivian jungle. A horseshoe-shaped territory. Loco. It was during the government of Bolivia signed Melgarejo confusing border treaty with Chile in 1866, after which the Chileans declared honorary general division of the Chilean army. This was the treaty whose ambiguities were to be made to sign another, in 1874, which in turn ended up triggering the Pacific War, which ran out of Bolivia landlocked. Thanks Melgarejo. Really, thank you. Maybe one last measure of the fragile relationship Melgarejo had with reality is that after the fall, having been reduced to misery, Chile demanded that he pay his salary general. # 3. Francisco Solano Lopez (Paraguay) If anyone deserves the appellation madman is Francisco Solano Lopez, dictator of Paraguay between 1862 and 1870. Perhaps the fact of being the son of another dictator who rose to the rank of brigadier general at the tender age of 18 made him break the balance somewhat, to the point that it ordered a replica of the crown of Napoleon (for use by home and baptisms, we assume). A proven method of doing things. But until that point is nothing more than an extravagant dictator like many we have had in Latin America. The events that led to the war in Paraguay, or War of the Triple Alliance, between 1864 and 1870 are what make us think that Lopez was the one who invented the explosive mixture between “anger” and “crazy.” It was Lopez government ally Atanasio Aguirre in Uruguay, which was threatened by Brazil. In response, Lopez, dictator of one of the smallest countries in South America, warned Brazil, the largest country in South America, not to mess with Uruguay. Brazil did not listen and proceeded to invade Uruguay anyway, which prompted Lopez declared war. Hey, that’s not crazy, it’s being a good friend, you might say, and may have a point. But it is also true that in those circumstances most of us (I assume they’re sane) declare war, and then cross your fingers hoping not to get us the machete. But no, that was not crazy enough to López. Not only declared war but invaded much of what is now the state of Matto Grosso do Sul One area that was probably the size of Paraguay at that time. McSutton But, that’s not crazy (angry maybe yes), that is to have eggs. Yes, definitely, there’s no doubt. This is where it gets crazy and angry. A López was not enough to have invaded Brazil, but also wanted to send troops to fight in the same Brazilian Uruguay. The only problem I had was that Argentina was on the way, so I had to first ask permission to go, Argentina refused permission. But Lopez was not enough will be at war with the largest country in South America, decided it would be a good idea to mess with the second largest country, and invaded Argentina too. The resulting alliance between Brazil and Argentina was rounded with the new government of Uruguay. Paraguay: “Argentina, if not disimulas your erection, you short.” Several years of death and destruction, during which Lopez arrived to suffer from an unhealthy paranoia. This led him to believe that everyone wanted to assassinate him, and commanded to kill half the world, including his brothers, his brothers and nine out of ten public employees. But there is only one mother, she only flogged for having given birth out of wedlock. After several years of war, López finally died at the Battle of Cerro Cora, along with his 17 year old son (who had been promoted to colonel, of course) and surrounded by a band of starving children and elders to whom he was referring hitleresca way of “army”. The cost of such madness? A whopping 60% to 70% of the population of Paraguay, and almost all adult men. # 2. Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic) Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina ruled-for all practical purposes, the Dominican Republic between 1930 and 1961, giving the country three decades of pure, unadulterated madness. Where to begin? The ego of the insane was gigantic proportions. Commanded to rename the capital, Santo Domingo, was renamed “Ciudad Trujillo”. The highest peak in the country was renamed the “Pico Trujillo” (since, even when he was advanced in years, had a fondness for women, especially girls, we suspect that this has even Freudian traits). Perhaps the clearest example of his boundless megalomania was one of the official slogans of his day, “Trujillo on earth, God in heaven.” Here in Kemados’re pretty sure they were well painted churches in the Dominican Republic. As a good father of Latin American family, was very fond of his children. So much so that he named his son army colonel. When he was three. And soon after promoted him to general. Another of his daughters could not get back, so I Angelita was crowned in a ceremony in which a third of the state budget was spent. Perhaps the only sane and logical (in Latin American terms) did to her family was to involve a vast network of favoritism, corruption and illicit enrichment. His paranoia and violence knew few limits. The guests received had the pleasant experience of having four men with submachine guns trained on them all the time. Furthermore, in a fit of rage attacked Haitians living on the border, slaughtering some 20,000 to 30,000 people, which then had to pay restitution of about $ 30 per head (the Haitian dictator was actually another crazy ). Not to mention the tens of thousands of Dominicans who also perished under his tyrannical rule. Maybe we could close with its extravagance as far as fashion and personal appearance is concerned. Both liked the bizarre military uniforms came to collect two thousand different sets. Also collected ten thousand different ties and sent develop a perfume exclusively yours. If we add that afrocaribeña had some blood, but over the years it was clear all record of it, we do remember someone, but at this time we are not the name comes to mind … No, he did not … there must be another fan of uniforms, minors and not be black … # 1. José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia (Paraguay) We close our list very well, with a worthy predecessor Kim Jong-Il and creator of a Juche ideology Guarani style. Known for his countrymen as Dr. France, studied aiming to the priesthood in the years before Independence, but never use the cassock, but he was one of only two people in Paraguay with doctorates. Was a prominent participant in the independence process, but as it was such a spectacular type is not merely stated the separation of Spain, Argentina but also because, apparently independent of one country is for losers. But until that point there is nothing absolutely shocking. It was a troubled time, and you need strong leaders. Towards 1814 he was appointed Consul of Paraguay and then “perpetual supreme dictator of Paraguay,” and that’s when I started the Roaring someone who liked to refer to him as El Supremo. The absolute power and layers necessarily lead to sounding names. Kim Jong Il, at least, calls himself “The Dear Leader”, though it seems “Darth Vader fat.” In a time when the United States was prohibited interracial marriage, France decreed that all whites should marry people of other races, period. A very original way to “solve” the racial problems of the country. Monopolized all functions of the state itself, reaching the point where he measured and traced the streets of Asuncion and also was the only person who could officiate marriages (probably to make sure that no white is marrying a white makeup ). When he discovered that one of his daughters prostitute, officially declared that prostitution was the most worthy of the trades, and that all prostitutes will use gold combs. His paranoia was legendary, and to avoid being poisoned cigars unrolled it was his sister, and preparing his own mate. Finally, everyone had to take off his hat when he passed, and as some Paraguayans had no money to buy hats, should always carry at least a mock wing (hat) to remove it. Moreover, we do not want here in Kemados representation or atheists or believers are crazy. But what we are sure of is that only a madman like France could be an atheist and yet proclaimed head of the Catholic Church in Paraguay nationalized. Broke with Rome, became excommunicated and declared that if the Pope would come to reclaim his chaplain header. And while it got rid of the Inquisition, created his own secret police. And like any good mad despot with a secret police on hand, began to suppress the opposition in a bloody manner, but “civilized” (it was, after all, an educated guy). He forbade his enemies were tortured and were rather be executed on a bench located under your window. And clean bayonet, to save bullets. Apparently, that thing charging the bullet to relatives of the executed was too “sensible” for Dr. France … If there is something definitely makes France predecessor Kim Jong-Il is its policy of isolationism. For decades, closed its borders Paraguay and no entry or exit of foreigners were not allowed Paraguayans. They could only get some refugees under very strict conditions. In addition, information from the outside was very controlled, and all I could see publications coming from abroad was the same France. Translation: The Supreme Neither Paraguay nor need anything from abroad, we have already Larissa Riquelme Chilavert and children conquer the world! Juche! Finally, perhaps what stands out to The Supreme like a madman among the following is insane, especially considering it was a Latin American dictator: apparently not a single penny of state money was stolen. And that, among Latin American leaders is crazy to another level, no doubt, and it sometimes seems that normal presidents crazy creep up precisely to the State by weight.



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