How to Get Cydia tweaks that work well in iOS 7

Discover troubleshoot jailbreak iOS 7 All the Cydia tweaks work on your iOS device 7 Solve problems jailbreak iOS 7 easily With the arrival of iOS untethered Jailbreak 7 presented some problems that are affecting a large number of users. These problems will be gradually solved through updates Evasi0n7 tool for iOS and Cydia 7. The problem that most affects users who have made the process of Jailbreak their iOS devices 7 is incompatible “Mobile Substrate” and “Substrate Safe Mode” in the new Apple devices: iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, featuring the new 64-bit chips. The vast majority of Cydia tweaks depend largely on the proper functioning of the previous two, so it is likely that many of the Cydia apps may not work correctly on our iOS devices. If you’re affected, you can rest easy, because as I told Saurik, the creator of Cydia is fully working on the update and is likely to reach a new version of “Mobile Substrate” in the coming days. How to make tweaks in Cydia work on iOS 7 If your device does not have the new Apple processor with 64-bit, you can try this little trick that we will introduce and then to try to solve the problems of the new Jailbreak and thus make the Most of tweaks work on your iOS device 7: Open Cydia on your device. Go to the search tab. Enter in the search field the word “Substrate”. The first two results appear you should be “Mobile Substrate” and “Substrate Safe Mode”. Click Mobile Substrate -> Modify -> Reinstall -> Track queuing. Now go back to the search results and click on the “Substrate Safe mode”. Click again Edit -> Reinstall -> Confirm. This will make the “Mobile Substrate” and “Substrate Safe Mode” again reinstalled on your device. You’ll have to wait to finish the process and when finished will have to click on “Reset the SprinBoard”. Once done, all settings Cydia again work properly as the vast majority of tweaks installed. Please keep in mind, as you remind us iPhoneHacks guys, that if the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch restarts, you must repeat the process again so that everything works properly.



Reinstall Mobile Substrate & Substrate Safe mode to Fix iOS 7 Tweaks



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