Investigation: Vagabonds hired contaminated areas cleaned by Fukushima

A number of subcontractors to perform the works of radioactive decontamination in Japan often come to recruit the homeless, paying lower wages than the official minimum wage or even convertiendolos debtor. Almost three years after the disaster, the works of cleaning of the contaminated area in Fukushima do not meet the official schedule, both due to lack of supervision, as labor shortages. After several scandals, caused by the revelation that the yakuza mafia indigent supplies to work cleaning up the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, Reuters conducted a special investigation into the matter. Opaque schemes revealed how the cleanup of radioactive contamination is organized. A large number of companies, from large hastaa minor subcontractors involved in the decontamination process, paid taxes of Japanese citizens, is precisely what prevents monitor the funding process. The abundance of different contracts and subcontracts for each work takes in many cases the largest companies refrain from participating in these works. The total number of companies involved is unknown, but in the 10 most polluted towns in northern Japan, Reuters found 733 compñías doing work for the Ministry of Environment. Among these, 56 subcontractors who perform work for a total value of 2.5 billion dollars, should actually be excluded from public works, not to have been controlled by the Ministry of Construction. Five other companies had not even been identified because they are not registered by the Ministry, no phone numbers, no own web pages. Similarly, the basic information about their owners are unknown. It is worth mentioning that illegal networks of intermediaries and mobsters are also present. Hiring homeless by the minimum wage is the way these subcontractors often find workers to clean the radioactive contaminated area of ​​Fukushima. However, even this amount of money is not always paid in full. In some cases highlighted by Reuters, not even a third of the money the Japanese government sent for decontamination works, comes to the workers themselves. Subcontractors are left with the bulk of this money, paying the homeless workers payroll of $ 6 per hour, while the official minimum wage guaranteed by the government to work in Fukushima is $ 6.5. What’s more, in many cases, workers end up owing money to their employers: your salary will automatically remove the payment for accommodation, food, laundry, etc.. At the same time the biggest problem remains the lack of workers. According to the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Electric Power Co (Tepco), the dismantling of this plant requires at least 12,000 workers, while for now are just 8,000. Is the predominance of the job offers on applications that enables companies to hire inpunemente homeless and unemployed. First of all is the result of two major Japanese labor problems: very strict regulations and labor market shortages of people is in the working age, due to the aging population.




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