Sicarius adds a stunning 3D effect multitasking iOS 7

If after improving multitasking has managed the arrival of iOS 7 has not been satisfied and are looking for a tweak for iOS 7 is free and considerably improves multitasking on your iOS device 7 Sicarius is the tweak you are looking for . Sicarius is a new tweak for iOS adds 7 new features useful to multitasking incorporating the seventh version of iOS and adds new 3D effects. The features offered by this tweak may seem very simple, but in reality Sicarius incorporates everything you need to become a great alternative to the native multitasking of our devices. Since the closure of all applications with a simple gesture or exclusion of multitasking applications that are active at that time, the ability to perform an automatic and fast respring with a simple gesture with his finger. In summary, the new tweak for iOS Sicarius 7 is a great job, very well done, really helpful and … free! It would be almost a crime not to install it on your device if you have done the Jailbreak. This new Cydia tweak integrates seamlessly into iOS Settings 7 where you can customize and configure all the features of multitasking to your liking. Additionally, you can choose which applications you want to be excluded from the multitasking or, if desired, that all applications to close at second level with a simple gesture. Even if you want, you can respring automatic sliding your finger up. All operations can be performed with or without confirmation from the user, depending on the options you specified in the configuration. The 3D view of multitasking cards are one of the strengths of Sicarius. In addition, when you browse through the snapshots you’ll see that multitasking applications in the background leaning back to simulate a 3D effect. If you are eager to try this new tweak for iOS 7 iPhone Italia boys remind us that can do it for free, looking Sicarius in ModMyi repo from Cydia. Remember that in order to install it, you will have to have a device with iOS Jailbreak 7 operating system (please visit our tutorial to jailbreak iOS 7). It is compatible with iPad and iPhone.



iOS 7 [FREE] Jailbreak Tweak: Sicarius Cydia Tweak



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