The NSA can “hack” computers via Wi-Fi to 12 kilometers away.

During a specialized conference held this weekend in Germany, Jacob Appelbaum, a researcher and freelance journalist, has revealed new “scary” about the surveillance capabilities of the NSA. According to the expert, who spoke at the conference computer ‘Chaos Communications Congress’ intelligence capabilities of the National Security Agency (NSA, for its acronym in English) “are worse than their worst nightmares” since the agency U.S. provides, inter alia, a technology called NIGHTSTAND that allows agents to infiltrate any computer connected to Wi-Fi, even if it is more than eight miles away. Appelbaum, who was one of the few activists, experts and journalists who had access to the documents provided by Edward Snowden, said hackers NSA can sneak into the wireless network, entering the data flow of the device in question , and recording all the information that is sent or received. Also, Appelbaum, consistent with the article published by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, revealing details about a specialized NSA unit, said in his speech in Hamburg how the agency can sneak malicious software on an iPhone or other device iOS, turning a phone into a private spy. “They would be able to get into this phone, almost certainly, and turn on the microphone,” Appelbaum said. “All this happens without a court ruling, and this is really scary for me.” To facilitate espionage, said the expert, the NSA can build a fake phone antenna that captures all your text messages or conversations. In the arsenal of state spying out a secret weapon consisting of “continuous wave generator”, a remote control when combined with small electronic implants can emit invisible waves that let you see what you type on a computer, even if the target device is not connected to Internet.





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