Virtual Home, Touch sensor uses the ID as Home button on iPhone 5s # Cydia

This 2014 will be full of good new Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 7. One that will cause talk is “Virtual Home”. Perfect for those who have an iPhone 5s and that will be our new Zephyr complement. What does the Tweak Virtual Home? This Tweak, gives us productivity while retaining us the Home button on our iPhone 5s. Simply Tweak, runs through fingerprint sensor imitating click the Home normal or extended button, ie to return to SpringBoard or kick the multitasking without pressing the button: If only we posed your finger on the Home, back to Springboard or close the application in which we find ourselves. If we posed the finger and keep us launch iOS multitasking 7 that simple. For me it is already a “Must Have” for the good, and in the absence of Zephyr, we have the perfect substitute. With Virtual Home and Activator, I have no longer use my physical buttons at all, thereby extending the life of my iDevice. Are the advantages Jailbreak, it is the panacea: D Also, it’s great to unlock 5s without pressing the Home button, a luxury Tweak which I recommend using if you have an iPhone 5s because I will give speed, fluidity and productivity in everyday driving.




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