6 Infinidock, and Infinifolders Infiniboard available with support for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S (Cydia)

Since the output of the Jailbreak for iOS 7 are numerous tweaks that appear on these days and the update to be compatible with the new software from those who might say they were the best and essential in our device. These are Infinidock Tweaks, and Infinifolders Infiniboard, passing updated to version 2.1 and are already compatible with iOS 7 and Apple iPhone 5S. For those who are new to the world of Jailbreak you describe that modify these three known as the three Infiniapps Tweaks in our device created by the legendary Chpwn: Infinidock tool to modify the dock of our device, allowing you to add more icons and even more pages icon by which we can glide. We can add to our dock as many icons as you want and drag this dock forward or backwards, decide how many icons can we display per page and above the convenience of having pages of icons in the dock and speed of operation of the device with this modification for iOS . Infinidock can be purchased in the Cydia Store at a price of $ 1.99. Infiniboard The main feature of this tweak is to change our way of Springboard able to slide vertically for him. We allow you to add as many icons as you want per page and glide up and down on them, we have a vertical home page on every page. Even we can keep our distribution settings icons on the Springboard after restoring iOS via iTunes. Includes many adjustments as we want to set the order of the icons. Infiniboard is available in the Cydia Store at a price of $ 0.99. Modified Infinifolders This tool focuses on add “infinite” icons on the folders that we believe in our device, also not allowed to slide vertically up and down inside these folders, even Infinifolders can have multiple folders with the same name. It has many more configurable options and if we had to restore iOS folder settings that we make will be saved in the backup. Infinifolders and can be purchased from the Cydia Store at a price of $ 1.99. Surely these three applications created by Chpwn are essential to our jailbroken device to do this simply check the items which we explain step by step how to jailbreak iOS Evasi0n by 7.





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