All tweaks that are already compatible with iOS Jailbreak 7

With the new jailbreak Evasi0n in the hands of users, in addition to the controversy, have also been coming renewal of Cydia tweaks and little by little, a good number of them are already compatible with iOS 7. We summarize the list of already used and we can add features to the latest operating system from Apple. After the arrival of the new iOS 7 Evasi0n many users encountered the situation that their brand new devices untethered jailbreak not accept most Cydia tweaks to populate. And it is that, as in the case of applications from the App Store, developers are working to combine their software with the new iteration of Apple’s operating system, including Cydia, the iOS store known alternative that Saurik updated a few days ago. After that, we can see a label that identifies the tweaks that are already compatible with iOS 7 and not only adapt to new aesthetic style of Apple software, but as always, add new functions to the terminals with jailbreak. To find them, you only have to enter the name you want to install Cydia in the search box. So far, these are the ones that have already been updated, and the best, all are free: – SwitchSpring: takes multitasking respring or empty. – SwipeToRespring: sliding the SpringBoard multitasking allows a system reboot. – Video Zoom Mod: wide or decreases the zoom when recording movies. – Lock Screen Tool centers the text of the lock screen (originally left aligned). Only works if you have the English language terminal. – Purge: Empty multitasking in a single gesture. – HiddenSettings7: edit certain settings that Apple keeps hidden. – RadiSpot: access Spotify from Pandora. – NoNewMark: remove the blue dot that appears when updating an application. – ToneEnabler Enables the ringtones that are not visible in iOS 7. – Menu Button Emulator: displays a virtual button Home button. – Simplock: eliminates the “slide to unlock” screen lock. – Tabless Deletes indicators Control Center and Notifications on the lock screen. – NCAllOnly: delete new sections – “Today” and “not seen” – Notifications Center iOS 7. – TransparentDock: a classic, allows fully transparent dock applications. – DockShift: related to the above, can you edit the color and intensity of the transparency of the dock application. – Sicarius: Add animations to multitasking, the option to confirm or not closing some apps, the function to close all at once and the possibility to reboot. – ConfirmKill: confirms closure of applications from multitasking iOS 7. – FlipControlCenter: add more flair to your liking and set the Control Center. – CCSettings: similar to above, adds buttons to the Control Center. – CCToggles: Customize buttons functions and applications in the Control Center. – ClearFolders: it negates the folders background therefore makes them transparent when opened. – FlipLaunch: Add shortcuts from the Control Center to any application. – TransparentVolume: background made transparent volume icon on the desktop of iOS 7. – ControlTask: mimics the multitasking in iOS 6 Control Center iOS 7. – BetrFoldr: set certain items in folders or make them transparent as the ability to create folders within folders. – BlurredMusicApp: apply a blur effect to the bottom of the playback screen of the Music app iOS 7. – GlowDock: add a glow effect to the edges of dock applications. Source: EstudioiPhone




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