Brains sold online at auction site

21 year old brains sold through internet. New York, USA -. For stealing brains of mental patients who subsequently sold through the internet, some of them through auction site eBay, a 21-year-old has been arrested. Suspicions arose when it was observed that something strange was happening in an ice cream parlor in Indiana. The target was stolen brains and arrest the suspect showed a macabre dead brain drain mentally ill to sell on the Internet, reports CNN. The prisoner came to sell up to sixty brains were stolen from the Museum of the History of Medicine of Indiana, where he took 60 vials of brain and other human tissues from autopsies of patients in the 1890s, which were in a storage space. Court documents revealed that some bottles were sold on the auction site eBay by an intermediary, despite the company policy against trade in human beings and with your body. The youth was arrested on 16 December after authorities organized a sting operation. The suspect was charged with robbery and other charges. The suspect appeared in court in Indianapolis this month in relation to the alleged theft of dozens of human brain tissue flasks valued at about $ 4,800.




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