Completely remove Game Center, you can haerlo from iFile that, will save battery consumption

For all those who have made the Upgrade Firmware of your iPhone / iPod to version 4.1 out recently have noticed so far that your battery falls dramatically in just a few hours of use! Something completely regrettable and that leaves one speechless over to find a charging point .. Well, so far they have gone many options for reducing consumption of your battery, take off WiFi and not using 3G, turn off push notifications, not using GPS, etc, etc, but hey, if we turn off all this we were with a Nokia 1100! to have such a machine and only use this as a simple phone! The FATAL ERROR lies in the addition of the GAME CENTER, as you have seen, allows create your account and then compete with other users and other stories … Weekend, the problem is that this is running all the time, sending and receiving data, and much more, causing the battery to go down drastically to the point of unusable do to our beloved iPhone 3G / 3GS or 4 on iPods too! After much research, solution in hand, transcribe the steps to achieve COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the Game Center, if ELIMINATE, not out of the account, etc, ELIMINATE your devices, so on the next reboot will be equal or better than before their energy consumption. Prerequisites: * iPhone Jailbreak and iOS 4.1 installed. * OpenSSH installed on your iPhone * An SSH client for Mac (CyberDuck) or Windows (WinSCP) Notes: It is recommended to back up the file system of the iPhone. Tutorial: 1. Connect the iPhone using the SSH client chosen (you must know the IP address of the iPhone, is determined from the General tab WiFi) 2. Delete the following files (backup x doubts on your PC): – usr / libexec / gamed – System / Library / LaunchDaemons / – Applications / Game Center ~ 3. Go to the path: System / Library / CoreServices / / 4. Open N88AP.plist file with a suitable editor and change the string: key> GameKit / key> true /> by key> GameKit / key> false /> 5. Restart your phone. If all went well, full Game Center on your iPhone and Solved the problem of battery will be deleted!




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