Europe includes Spain in the “black list” of countries without freedom and the only one not allowed to inspect his regime.

Spain is the only country that does not allow international inspection of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on its curious monarchy regime of parties or party politics, which has led him to include it in the “black list” countries with restricted freedoms, where Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kosovo set. While condemning Spain, OSCE values ​​democratic advances in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Montenegro in prison policy, border, legal, industrial, press freedom, intellectual property, domestic violence and a half environment, according to the ratio of reported similar condemns those who have had the Spanish regime as the protagonist. Janez Lenarcic, who signed the statement of the OSCE against Spain, sharing stage with Jimmy Carter By contrast, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine itself has enabled the European Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) inspections of independent diplomatic observers to monitor whether the democratic conditions exist around the right of assembly and demonstration of his countrymen. And is that diplomats from around the world have looked stunned as Spain represses the right to protest and assembly of its citizens and begin to be explained as a country with 6 million unemployed, 2 million and 1 million exiles malnourished children not throws more frequently on the streets against their authorities. In fact, the notes of the OSCE are required reading in the diplomatic world and received embassies of all assigned to the same countries. Omar Fisher, diplomatic OSCE that not allowed to act in Spain This European official body that monitors freedom of countries wishing to confirm their democratic quality had to issue last Friday an official statement from Vienna (Austria) in condemning to Spain by the expulsion of six diplomats who came to inspect the demonstration under the slogan “Jaque al Rey” intended to protest the corruption of the Spanish Crown and the absence of a referendum that legitimized by the people, by the requirement a constitutional process that establishes the main features of democratic regimes: separation of powers, direct election of representatives, freedom of expression and assembly, etc … Irina Urumova a diplomatic expelled the OSCE is today the world’s most politically influential organization on the planet and it is adhered Spain, which has perplexed Democrats diplomats: “With 57 States from Europe, Central Asia and North America, the OSCE is the largest regional security organization in the world” said, in effect on staff include six observers expelled from Spain: Omar Fisher, Irina Urumova, Aleksandra Dloubak, Bartlomiej Lipinski, Marcin Jezulin and Yevgenia Aretisova. “Amazing change” in Spain says the OSCE. The monarchical alliance PP-PSOE explains in an unusual and full of meaning gesture, the official statement of OSCE against Spain is signed by the Slovenian diplomat Janez Lenarcic, leader and director of the office responsible for overseeing Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Human Rights (OSCE / ODIHR). The ambassador recalled that Spain Lenarcic promised the international community to guarantee freedom of assembly and the international control that check must always be preserved. With the arrival of a new PP government and stable alliance with the PSOE as the monarchy is concerned, the only thing that could verify OSCE is that “this change is amazing” since before diplomatic authorities could check the status freedoms in Spain “good cooperation” and now can not because their representatives are expelled. Demonstration of “Jaque al Rey” in Madrid. Four months ago, specifically in the month of May, President Mariano Rajoy and José Manuel García Margallo “pledged to cooperate fully” with the OSCE for its inspectors to confirm the status of freedom in Spain. After pictures that flooded television and newspapers around the world with the brutal repression of the massive demonstration of “Surround the Congress” convened by the “Coordinadora 25-S” (same civic association organized “Jaque al Rey”), international diplomats feared the worst. Janez Lenarcic (OSCE) has been found in their own flesh the democratic shortcomings of Spanish politicians. And indeed it happened: 1400 police for a number of protesters between 2000 and 9000, according to the Government or the organizers, but also prior arrests, mass identification, the closure of a subway station (Opera) to prevent access, blocking participants buses, etc. … During the past 25-S, this was also accompanied by longer withholding police, fines, police assaults and even “seizure” of “subversive” material, as the Delegation of the Government of Madrid presiding still recovering Cristina Cifuentes alleged that poles of the flags and banners were actually prepared for “assaulting” a police instruments. The most serious complaint received by democratic Spain in international bodies and no Senate or Congress party has echoed the complaints of the OSCE? Curious? Ambassador Janez Lenarcic, however, no longer seems to believe the version of the Spanish authorities to prevent his evidence: “The sudden opposition by the Spanish authorities raises concerns about their intentions,” the OSCE in its public notice, the and calls on Spanish politicians in power to “ensure full respect for freedom of peaceful assembly in accordance with OSCE commitments and other international human rights standards.”





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