The iPad Pro could be a hybrid device between a tablet and a laptop Maxi iPad, iPad Pro …

…there are several names that have been given to possible future iPad 13 fleas. Is expected to be present at the end of this year and, what is certain is that it will revolutionize the market for notebook (small laptop computers 11 or 13 inches). This device, which seems to be already happening, would become a hybrid between the MacBook and the iPad itself. So Apple could compete in the new notebooks, which are between a tablet and a laptop, and is now dominated by Microsoft and its Windows 8. Thus, Patrick Wang, an analyst at Evercore Partners, predicts that the so-called iPad Pro will revolutionize the market for small portable device that will feature the new A8 processor. Wang believes that this processor will be presented this fall and will also be mounted on other brand devices. The analyst added: “Apple will launch not just a bigger iPad. The company will use the additional screen space to create a hybrid style device that could serve both as a tablet and a laptop, and would make a more attractive for business customers iPad line. “Evercore Partners analyst also sees a” game changer “from Apple to begin producing a 64-bit processor, such as the A7. This chip is mounted on the new iPhone 5s, Air and iPad iPad Mini with Retina display. There are rumors, rumors … As the song says, everything about the possible 13-inch iPad rumors are still, as it has not yet been any filtration, as with other devices. The rumor that he has been dubbed iPad Pro comes from the assumption that the device that Apple could be working a combination of the features of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and hence its name. The screen could bring this “tablet XL” is another lurking rumors the device. Some sources have said it could take a screen resolution 2K and even Apple would dare to mount another 4K. If one thing is certain is that we will have to wait until Apple wants us to show what we are preparing. If we ignore the guess of analysts and observers who monitor the activities of the Cupertino, later this year we will doubt, as they say on AppAdvice. Do you find it interesting a product with these features? Of course it is a fairly logical evolution of iPad we know today and could be a product that worked very well on the shelves of Apple stores.






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