Black Hawk Chinese threat to Japan?

China has introduced a helicopter that could give an advantage in its confrontation with Japan over a group of disputed islands, highlights ‘The Sunday Times’. All about this topic Weaponry UK tested a fighter jet with 3D printed parts in New South Korean fighters take off in 2023 Russia will create a center for unmanned aviation READ MORE »As reported by Chinese state news agency Xinhua, the helicopter Z-20, which seems inspired by the Black Hawk U.S. It made its first flight in an unknown location in northeast China on 23 December. China is taking giant steps to become a powerhouse in the field of helicopters, military experts say. “It is expected that the Z-20 bridge a gap of many years in the helicopter fleet of the People’s Liberation Army. Hopefully that meets the requirements of the PLA ground forces and navy,” said Wang Ya’nan, associate editor Chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine quoted by Xinhua. “Although we now have advanced attack helicopters WZ-10 and WZ-19 in the army, the absence of a suitable utility helicopter Chinese made it harder for the army to transport and attack forces to conduct support missions, “he added. “The situation will change if the Z-20 comes into service shortly,” he said. “Although the appearance of the aircraft has some similarities with the UH-60 Black Hawk U.S., that does not necessarily mean that the Z-20 is a mere imitation of its U.S. counterpart,” said Chen Hong. “The Z-20 has a five-bladed rotor compared to the UH-60 four leaf,” he added. The announcement came after Japan’s statement that by 2020 the country will review its constitution, which since the end of World War II military limited to self-defense activities. Also coincides with statements by China against the Conservative Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, which he said was “not welcome” in Beijing following his visit to Yasukuni Shrine where honors, among others, war criminals during the Japanese invasion of China and other East Asian countries, says ‘The Sunday Times’.




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