CAP. 14 -. “NEW MAN” (Conception, gestation and birth)

CAP. 14 -. “NEW MAN” (Conception, gestation and birth) Does the Novus Ordo Seclorum could yield a specific and identifiable culmination of their work? This exhibition started taking as a starting point to man (Chapter 2), further to his own body as more concrete and formal expression of it. It could not be any other way to address the Novus Ordo Seclorum: the human being is the main protagonist-passive, but primarily the story of a project that always made his intentions clear. It is the “human”-or more properly, “human” – which is trying to “eradicate”, “overcome”, “educate”, “diminishing”, “control”, “enhance”, “transform”, ” innovate, “” improve, “” evolve “… and so express all modern ideologues, they are presented with different biases and positions. All share a dissatisfaction with “the human”, projecting a yearning future in which place their personal fantasy of a “new humanity”. So think about it and this is expressed: the “new man.” Expressing the yearning for the “new”, and indicates that the “old” hates. To this end, modern ideologies that longing always placed in the future, based on the fallacious and recent notion of “progress.” All progress is limited to a useful scale-is also useful structure-valued measure. Therefore, all “progress” intended for humans say follow a path of “low to high”: “less emancipated more emancipated” (Marxism), “less adapted to the fittest” (Darwinism), from ‘ less evolved to more evolved “(eugenics),” less transcended more transcended (transhumanism) “… And so, using the human and neglecting its essential principle theories are supported by substantial elucubran several confusions and empirical research. But perhaps before going into details of some of these theories, we should think about a very relevant question: What is wrong with the modern human being to devote so much energy? Why the need for the human being something other than what he is now and effectively? How urgent is this because the man “evolve”? The answer to these questions summarize all modern ideologies that modernity is not interested in what the man is, but what to do can be useful. What interests all “humanism” modern service reduces the human being can offer in a project, usually “social” or “political”. Modernity ignores and despises what is the human being, and this ignorance extends to all domains. What project would be that in which the human being is an useful? A bill that denies the qualitative value of the human, the subhuman project. It is for this reason that all modern fallacies will depend on “progress” over time. If it is to deny what the human being is essentially (ie, what he was, is and will forever), a temporary excuse for postponing needed something that has always been. That is why what is sought and announces a “new man” because modern schizophrenia requires an update of the “act” of a being. Is this crazy? Completely. The “act” (in the Aristotelian sense) means to be a being which is currently (in our case, the “act” is “human”). Only a monster can claim and update what is supposed to be an act. This satanic claim can only be placed in linear time, or more accurately, in a segment of the linear time especially given to fantasies: the future. However, the “new man” of modernity not only supposed to be a crazy fantastic theory, but also happens to be an unfortunate practice that human beings have suffered in the last two hundred years. While modern theorists express luciferin schizophrenia with “news”, humans suffer in body implementation of such madness. That is the stealth and anti-traditional perfidious strategy: try to sink the man claiming to lift, stepping on his head with intellectual pretext to end the human in the name of humanity. Marxism, collectivism, Malthusianism, evolution, social Darwinism, socialism, mechanization, neoconservatism, communism, Nazism, Stalinism, environmentalism, Maoism, environmentalism, internationalism, transhumanism, futurism … all modern ideology, after crushing the human being is justified by saying: “We have done this for your sake, and for the good of all.” (Here “good” really means “evil” here “all” means an unreal abstraction flock modern call “society”) Precisely all this, “social” is the scientific context in which it has conceived the monstrous notion that birth, culminating the “Great Work” of the Novus Ordo Seclorum: The “new man.” Overlooking this abortifacient birth, will be exposed here first conception. Conception of the “new man”: modern ideology If the human being is defined by its essence, the only change that can occur is always essentially qualitative. In plainer words, the only “new” that can be found in a “new man” is precisely the absence of humanity. Imagine this: a mathematical disoriented announces the existence of a “new number three.” What are the chances that this “new Number Three” is based on a mathematical fallacy fraud? All the possibilities. The human can never be “new”, what does seem to be new – brand new – is the concept of “new man” theorized by modern “thinkers.” The passion for constant innovation is very recent, and it is “scientific” through his own “evolution” of any modern scientific conception. Again, the nineteenth century the historical context in which the term “new man” as the goal of work carried out through different branches of science is conceived: social, biological, economic, technological, chemical, eugenics … So , even though the most enthusiastic apologists of the “new man” talk about their origin in Pico della Mirandola, Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon, Descartes … or even in the New Testament St. Paul!, the “new man” is a vagary rabidly modern. Moreover, the concept of “new man” is nothing but the complete secularization of the human made “ideology.” This common ideology of modernity is to elaborate on the “new man” from virtually all nineteenth-century philosophers (as virtually all fantasized about it). Perhaps the most stark and devoid of complex expression is that of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose passionate work more invocations to the “new man” can be found, all aspiring future “not yet verified”. The “new man” nietzscheriano would be a “superman”, that is, etymologically something above what the Dionysian abhorred European thinker: “the human.” “The human” is presented to the mind as something nietzscheriano surmountable negligible, and negatively valued as “too human.” The “new man” nietzscheriano is, in short, the “new man” of modernity, and multiple ideologies of the twentieth century will claim explicitly, such as Nazism. However, although the firm Nietzsche carnal, poetic and violent of the “new man” concept, there will be other expressions that reveal better-even rationally-the fallacy of modern ideologies. What better way to check the scientific fraud of the “new man” through a hoax that is defined as “scientific humanism”? Another German philosopher who is tired of fantasizing about the “new man” was Karl Marx, which-again-is obsessively worry about a man who “can be improved”. (It’s fun to see that guys who like to talk about new things so unoriginal: Marx, Nietzsche and an endless list of European philosophers share the human terminology based novelty) That “concern for humanity”, Marx develops an explicit “Marxist humanism”. This theory is presented fallacious from the base itself (and this fallacy is manifest as hell with praxis that will be based on it). The Marxist humanism of an alleged “human essence” invested reduced to social, to Marx, “the human essence is no abstraction inherent in each individual. It is, in its reality, the set of social relationships.. ” With this definition of “human essence”, Marx makes his intentions clear: “the human” is supposed to be-above all-a social issue. For this ideology, modern man is supposed to be the result of the social environment in which they live, and this man is developed through its relationship with the environment. The process of “human development” is expressed through the Marxist concept of “work”. However, what happens to the current job does not develop humanity in any way, but rather the opposite? What part does not fit the machine of Marxist historical dialectic? Marx solved the issue by taking the “Phenomenology of Spirit” of Hegel, a voice that redefined to make sense of his theory: “alienation”. The “work” does not carry the man because he lives “alienated” in a “dehumanized society” (by the way, Marx borrowed this concept – “alienated society” – your buddy Feuerbach) Why “work loses its social function “? Marx argues that due to a production system-the capitalist-based “private property” (Thus Marxism produced a dualism – “capitalism and communism” – that would be very useful in the future for the subhuman project). The scapegoat takes the Marxist fallacy supposed to be the “private property”. In plainer words, the man lives “alienated” in a “dehumanized society” because the “means of production” are “private property”. It is “overcome” that capitalism through a “revolution” to break the “private property” of production and means. But then who will take over these “means of production”? Answer: society. Aha! What a great idea, Carlitos! What is this “society”? An abstraction that can not own anything, because she is nobody. Who then to represent that company specific practical effects? A “match”, a “political elite,” a group of power, or in plainer words … the usual. And that is the key concept not only of Marxism but all modern ideological humbug: collectivism. This concept is put into practice with the “socialization” and aims to complete uniformity of human beings. The human being is used for the “good” of a very dubious and suspicious group. That supposed to be the ideal of the “new man” of the Novus Ordo Seclorum: the member of a society “socialized”. Society? “Socialized”? Is not that nonsense? Clear! And not only nonsense, but bullshit criminal. Therefore, a curtain of words invented to disguise modern blindness: communism, Leninism and Fabianism, socialism, social Darwinism, Stalinism, Nazism, leftism, Labour, Fascism, Maoism, Social-Democracy, existentialism, evolution, revolutionism, Transhumanism … ( the list would never end). The “new man” would be a member of an “ideal” society (communist, capitalist, socialist, Nazi, democratic, technocratic … as they please to call it). Marx himself defined the “new man” and “citizen in possession of a high political, aesthetic and moral development.” Note that the “new” modern human is reduced to “the political” (The horror!), To ” aesthetic “(The horror!) and” moral “(The horror!). Throughout the twentieth century, the “new man” is the propaganda claims of communist states, fascist states, Nazi states, socialist states, democratic states, dictatorial states … in short, all modern states . This is important: here discussed the conception of the “new man” from the dialectical system that articulates it, say, “scientifically”, ie Marxism, however, the “new man” is the concept (or better than concept , “image”) that minted modern ideologies. All: we look in the archives Leninist propaganda, but also in the writings of the thinkers of the Fabian Society; seek Russian posters extolling the “new man” and see posters of Nazi Germany with the same messages; seek documentation Stalinist propaganda departments, and let’s check the same references in Fascist Italy, Franco’s Spain, the French Republic, the United Kingdom, Castro’s Cuba, in Maoist China, the U.S. federal government Barack Obama … The “new man “command associated with the inverted” sunrise “,” Rising Sun “or the” morning star “, supposed to be the vehicle for taxing the mistake of modernity. A obsessively repeats the communists and capitalists, unionists and industrialists, Democrats and Republicans, European nationalists and Europeanists, secularists and neo-spiritualists, environmentalists, existentialists, nihilists, environmentalists , the new-age, internationalists, anarchists, fascists … all, all, all have done so (and probably will continue to) ideological propaganda reference about the “new man” with the “new dawn”, the “rising sun “and” dawn “. Shall be verified in the modern day world, year by year, decade by decade, century by century. All this imagery illustrates the following: the concept of the “new man” is not. Even longer be a “concept” but rather throwing a useful icon. Nor would it be a symbol (not to be invested), but an “image”, and therefore reflects, essentially empty, false representation enclosing name: humanity. Nothing new can be done in an immutable principle. In the same way that no one can articulate a “new truth”, no one can conceive properly a “new man.” Only through an inversion of the traditional principles can be expressed this false conception ghostly. The “new man” as fallacious modern conception is supposed to be, as long as it is something modern-investment of a traditional principle. Necessarily have to give some generalities on the principle of the investment doctrinal served Novus Ordo Seclorum. The Universal Man as traditional principle: As already seen, the “new man” of the Novus Ordo Seclorum appears to be “new” because it inserted in linear time (recall Chapter 1). In fact, the vision of “humanity” (not only Marxism, but throughout modern thought) defines itself as “historic”. Worse, the “new man” is projected on a usefully always immediate (as immediate as the carrot hanging below a donkey) future. That’s enough to know that this “new man” is not a principle, since the beginning (in its metaphysical sense) are not confined to time, are pre-existing, and needless to say-no-they dispense to become innovative. All traditions (we repeat endlessly: all traditions) express a metaphysical principle of humanity, which settle the essence (“nature” versus “substance”), the “name” (Sanskrit nama), “human” within the human being. Therefore, we are talking of the principle that would allow the human manifestation, in all its vast comprehensive vision, as in the partial perspective of each individual human. It is rigorously-of-principle, the “principle of humanity”, and almost all traditions express-each in its sacred language, as “The Universal Man.” To understand what the modern minimally, we say that this is not a Universal Man “abstraction” (as the psychologists like to say), as it is not an “idea” (not in its modern philosophical sense). The “Universal Man” in Western language, it would be “intelligible” to the way it was understood in certain currents of classical philosophy. And it remains a “intelligible”, would be much more than that. The Universal Man and appears explicitly in the oldest extremoriental tradition and doctrinal content extending integrally from all traditions. Even from a historical perspective, the “last” traditional expression, Islam, would keep this principle not only in his immaculate content, but with the same formal expression, ie, “The Universal Man”, in Arabic, “Al-Insan Al-Kamil “. The Universal Man was a principle of the utmost importance in extremorientales esoteric doctrines (ie, what is usually called Taoism), in the same way that Al-Insan Al-Kamil is a principle of the utmost importance in Muslim esoteric doctrines (ie , which is usually called Sufism, when more properly be called “tasawwuf”). It matters little Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Pali, Aramaic, Chinese or other human expression, Universal Man is-since and forever-an essential metaphysical principle, not affected by the substantial accident and thus outside the time domain. There is no need to be “new”, in the same way that it is not old: a traditional beginning, and his expression in that supports essentially immutable (sanatana-dharma) tradition, and customizable low formulations effectively authorized. In the Indo-Aryan expression, Universal Man would correspond to Manu, which is not a “mythical man” (the way that they interpret modern Orientalists), nor a historic man, or worse, a “legend”. The Hindu Manu or Manava was the beginning of man expressed not only their quality as such, but their place in the cosmic balance is designated as dharma. The “Law of Manu” would not be a “social law” nor a “right”, or something comparable to a “law” as understood by the modern (as Nietzsche did in his silly “Antichrist”). It would be the governing law between the cosmos and man. Who passed that law, and expressed under the circumstances, is the manava (literally, “he who has the mental faculty, manas”-in English, man-in short, the man) In certain expressions belonging to what used to call Tantrism, the Universal Man be expressed with terms like Mahavira, mahayogui, purusha, shiva, adinath … all correspondence in context-that same Universal Man. In many of these terms, this principle is “broken” in theories that structure integrity in seven levels. These same seven levels are the same (with some minor differences in expression) the seven levels Kabbalah (or better written, Qabbalah) articulated the doctrine of Adam Kadmon, that would not be anything but the “Universal Man”. Later, we will rely on the authority of these two traditional expressions (the Saiva Tantra expressed in Sanskrit and the people expressed Qabbalah Sephardic Hebrew) to expose and denounce-investment-principle hereof. For now, these generalizations serve to demonstrate what this book has proven time and again: the Novus Ordo Seclorum is only a parodic inversion of the primordial tradition. All true principles are deformed, and finally trampled invested in content to express a useful deception: the Luciferian doctrine of modernity. Everything about her is fake, everything in it is sick. None of it is true, nothing in it is human. Therefore, the “newness” that this project proposes schizophrenic humans is breaking your quality that gives the name. That supposed to be the inverted claim of Novus Ordo Seclorum regarding the human. Anti-traditional character of the “new man”: That “social”, “secular”, “historic” and “evolutionary” of all modern ideology, conception supposed to be the universal reversal goofy, timeless, essential and sacred principle of humanity . It is-therefore-for aggression to humans and tradition, and so all modern conceptions presented: rabidly anti-traditional. Zbiegniew Brzezinski, a nasty political scientist with pretensions of modern futuristic philosopher made clear throughout his work “The Technotronic Era” in 1972: “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society will be controlled by an elite not contained by traditional values ​​”The last sentence of this quotation reveals the contradiction of subhuman:”. Nontraditional values ​​”? What values ​​are those? The progressive (and Brzezinski himself) respond, “are new values.” We answer: if they are “new” are not values, they are impostors securities, taxes, worthless securities. The “control society” modern is imposed not by the (much less human) “value” but for the cowardice and imposture of inadequate strength. This anti-human (also anti-traditional, it would be almost synonymous terms) nature will be assessed more accurately with gestation of the fetus. If the conception of the “new man” was expressed in the historical view of modern philosophy, pregnancy will take place through the evolutionary view of modern science. If the conception of the “new man” was a social theory, its gestation was perpetuated through techniques on the same human individual. If the conception of the “new man” is the abstract fallacy pretext of giving existence to the progressive ideology, the gestation of the “new man” need of tangible applications of modernity: technology. Gestation of the “new man”: the transhumanist technology for the modern project, the “theoretical concepts” (what they call inappropriately “philosophies”) are “abstractions” (so they say) are only valid if they throw something tangible, concrete and practical. Indeed, the “new man” is not only the vagary of all modern thought, but also something that is emerging, which is producing technically. Back in Chapter 3, cited Charles Darwin, who formulated the basis of all modern scientific conception, namely, the “evolution”. Well, the “evolution” is the false pregnancy biological progression where the “new man” is inserted. Also read in the same chapter, Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, conceived a “new science” that seeks to “accelerate” this “evolution” in humans. Let’s see: the modern science not only dares to theorize an “evolution” based on a quantitative progression in a whimsical scale that determines what is “better” or “worse” in humans, but also dare to act technically “accelerate”, “improve”, “control” such fallacious evolution. But how to speed up a process that does not exist? Technical tools will all this madness technologies, and such technologies (well, “new”) are the average gestation of conceptual “new man” in the previous paragraph. Therefore, if a “new man” unfold, the “old man” (that is, today) will be a mere evolutionary passenger traffic. This “transit” between the human and the unwanted “post-human” feature, which will be the same futuristic modern ideologues designated as “transhumanism”. The biologist and eugenicist Julian Huxley seems to have been the first to use this term – Transhumanism-, but neither should pay special attention to modern neologisms that change and are renamed according to circumstances. After all, transhumanism is defined himself (“The Transhumanism FAQ,” 1999), as “the intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason.” . If you go back in the book, and the definition of eugenics galtiana nineteenth century (Chapter 3) is read, not many differences will be found, “improving the human condition” supposed “to improve or impair” the “undesirable” aspects of it . Do not you? Why all these people seems to be the same and say the same thing over a hundred years? Because they are the same people:’s cousin Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin, was a friend and fellow academic member of the Eugenics Society, Sir Thomas Henry Huxley, who was the grandfather of Julian Huxley, who first used the word ” Transhumanism “, and was brother of Aldous Huxley, author of the classic futuristic,” Brave New World “, which will be a key literary reference” futurism “of the rest of the twentieth century. It is the same people with the same premise: applied science in the service of the “evolution” of the human being, in short, actively involved in “improvement” of the human condition, ie, make a “new man” not only as “social ideal” (as seen above), but as a concrete individual who aspires to be born as a “post-human”. And they call it “post-human”. According to Raymond Kurzweil Transhumanist ideologue, “biological evolution is very slow for the human species.” This quote reveals something quite suspicious: when a “process” is valued as slow, can only be done with respect to the forecast completion of this process, or temporal references another parallel process. Why such a hurry “evolutionary”? You have to be on time for an appointment: the birth of the “new man.” What tools do you have to gestate this requirement? Technology, or more precisely, “new technologies”. Transhumanism advocates a scientific synergy about “overcoming the human.” Where will you locate the source of this “scientific community” self-styled “transhumanism”? Does the region where the matter-body burst forth infra in Chapter 2 is recalled? In western countries. Do you remember which country more explosion? In the United States. Do you remember what city even more horrific way? In Los Angeles, the movie capital of the sex industry, the neo-spiritualism, the pop wave of beatniks, hippies, The Doors, Satanism, plastic surgery, Beverly Hills, the Showbusiness, bodybuilding, the origin of AIDS … The first “transhumanists” arremolinarán calling themselves scientists around the University of California, in the sixties and seventies. There, a guy who called FM-2030 (that’s his name, is not a radio dial or a computer) apologist “new concepts of humanity”, and a good handful of international scientists endorse. However, not until the technological revolution of the eighties when transhumanism is organized diligently through the formation of private foundations, NGOs, international organizations, university departments, and, above all, institutes amazing budgets as the Foresight Institute or Expropriated Institute. New techniques of scientific applications combine to “transcend the human condition”: biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, biochemistry, cryonics, neurosurgery … all interested transhumanism if you can make the human, “more than human”, as said Ramez Naam. With the development of technology is drawn without any resort to “change the fundamental nature of human beings” (as recently announced Raymond Kurzweil in “The Singularity is near”). With the advent of the twenty-transhumanism folds and concentrated in WTA (World Transhumanism Association, founded in 1998), an important and powerful foundation multimillion-defined as “philanthropic” and “scientific” – that is clearly linked not only many university departments in the U.S. and Europe, but also groups of mass media (reread Cap. 13), publishing technology corporations … and Google, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and NASA … and the Department of Defense of the United States! Through names such as Nick Bostrom and David Pearce is apparent that transhumanism is not (only) a claim of a group of scientists Dukes, it is a threat in which international financial groups, large corporations, defense departments and groups are involved private power. Currently there are many transhumanist research programs in various technical fields (biotechnology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology …) Perhaps the most profound implications program is open to the theories and work of Marvin Minsky and Hans Moravec, who pretend to “transfer a personality non-biological substrate “, ie, a data carrier. So aspirational “with much chance of success” merge “consciousness” (or what modern psychology calls so confused) with computer hardware, as discussed the transhumanist Anders Sandberg in his academic work “Uploading”. Can introduce what psychologists inappropriately call “personality of a human being” in a computer? The transhumanist scientific answer, “Yes, you can. And we’re working on it “The brain-hardware merger would mean the success of cybernetics from two perspectives: men with computer components in biological structure, and computers.” Consciousness “and” personality “to the human as to define modern psychology . So, neurotechnology, biotechnology, bionics would walk-in-effect a “new” way of life, which pose new problems so far. But transhumanism does not just stay there. The “new man” of modern technological gestation would not be just a cyborg who expect to see in the future, while putting chips deaf, blind, elderly and mentally ill. A parallel transhumanist current bionic Eric Drexler and others who think that the “post-humanism” will be achieved not with computers biotechnology (ie, the “human computer”), but with genetic engineering, or with a combination of both (such as the Kurzweil defends itself). According to Gregory Stock, the post-human is achieved by modifying the genes before the human being is born. From this perspective, the genetic structure to “improve the birth” would be changed. “Changing the genes for improving birth”, ie, to ensure a “good birth” supposed to be the very etymology of the word “eugenics”. Etymological? Coincidence? Not only do the words match. You can follow the trail left by the eugenics of the early twentieth century (scientists, universities, foundations …), and find the same names at the forefront of genetic century. This common trail can be illustrated emphatically with the sponsors of this research. Who made the Eugenics Record Office in 1910? The Rockefeller family. Who made the first International Eugenics Conference in London? The Rockefeller family. Who made possible travel of American eugenicists of Nazi Germany? The Rockefeller family. And who made and make possible genetic engineering programs, reprogenetics forefront of the century, or the infamous “Genome Program”? The Rockefeller family. Eugenics and genetic Transhumanism is one and the same thing, not only in its etymology, not only in their definitions and concepts, but also in the scientific, political and financial community that is responsible for it. However, as the scientific vanguard of the XXI century wants to avoid at all costs any relationship with the word designating the scientific forefront of the early twentieth century (ie eugenics) another word invented to get by, “reprogenetics” . So do them a question: “You are not paid the same types with the same boss who developed eugenics?”. And they reply, “No, this is not eugenics. It reprogenetics, do you understand? “This nerve allows you that these issues transcend publicly, and made public, is through abject popular science supported by a propaganda mass media that prides itself on the” progress of science “and” technological marvels. ” While modern man is left with their mouths open reading science magazines, watching TV documentaries, commenting scientific videos on youtube, nobody dares to say what they are doing with him without his consent. We have the heart to tell: They’re doing a new thing that ends the function of human being. What is the raw material for that thing? You. We take care of how difficult it is to digest all this, especially after suffering a deep mental programming through malicious distortions of science fiction cinema of Hollywood, the comics, the “pop culture” (exist up ! cyber-punk), electronic music, video games and Nintendo Sony Playstation … However, it is, and well being: the “new man” project of inadequate strength is brewing applications through neo- technology. Already exist and are reported injecting tiny chips and operate under human skin. Already exist and are disclosed microscopic nanodevices operating performance in the human body. Already exist and are integrated media reported biotech in several sick and disabled. Already exists and is reported technological possibility of genetic modification of “children on demand”. This already exists, and even yet it is but a fraction of the current threat to human quality. A reference “philosopher” of this infamous transhumanism – perhaps most importantly, the aforementioned Ray Kurzweil predicts that a technological singularity would burst, he says sometime in the first half of this century, and literally “change the fundamental nature of human beings. ” If this were true, the “new man” without being “man” born-in effect-as something “new”. But is it possible the birth of the “new man”? The birth of the “new man”, the total investment luciferin human principle. Is the birth of the “new man” is possible? No. We have seen that his view is a fallacy, your pregnancy is an eyesore, and that its existence depends on continued future. Therefore, one can not properly say that “born” so anything, much less a “man”, however novel it may be. -Yes, it can break the presence of hardly definable things, monstrosities occur with familiar appearance, manifest horrors unknown so far … but nothing “born” from a similar mistake. However, as this is and will be the expression used by its producers – “the birth of the new man” – is here to be used to refer to the culmination of the Novus Ordo Seclorum, knowing that nothing true enclose these words . It could not be otherwise: if the Novus Ordo Seclorum aims to complete its project, the destruction of human language would reach its breaking point. Nothing essential would be the term “man” and this voice at the time, babbling-serve to designate a top investment comprising the human. It is for this reason that to expose such fraud, we will rely on traditional expressions that conveyed said real beginning, and already introduced in this chapter as the Universal Man. There is no prophetic exercise that will do here. Just conceive of parodic inversion of the structure of the metaphysical principle of the Universal Man to have a (never more appropriate, “photo-fit”) “identikit” of the “new man.” That is what is to be done here, and the value of the portrait will be relative and approximate. For this sketch of the Luciferian lie, we will rely on two traditional expressions extremely clear regarding the Universal Man, namely, the Hebrew Qabbalah (with Adam Kadmon) and Hindu Tantra. The “Tree of Life” Kabbalistic even having ten sephiroth, would be structured into seven levels that correspond-numerically-with not only the seven centers, or “wheels” – the sushumna-nadi tantra. It never hurts to remember that this exhibition-as any in this book is not intended as a doctrinal exposition. Everything is much more modest: to betray modern imposture and demonstrate their error, and for this, there is authorized to rely on traditional principles otherwise. The Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon supposed to be the Universal Man, and devising their investment as the Novus Ordo Seclorum has done, you can identify the monster that culminates the project. We do not rely on the Jewish tradition by chance precisely subhuman forces have used (and uses) the infamous and desautorizadamente Qabbalah, and the inverted expression of the “Luciferian Doctrine” (discussed in Chapter 4) has been used and has served the language and numerology of the Kabbalah to perform his shameful work. In addition to the Kabbalistic basis of this discussion, the correspondence of each plane sefirotic Saiva tantric tradition is indicated, as this expression has appeared as a reference in this work enough times to take it into account here. A After all, you could do the same with any traditional expression of the Universal Man, for though the expressions differ, the principle expressed is the same. In this case, our object is to identify the investment of that principle. The “sketch” of that monster that fraudulently culminate the “Work” of the subhuman, would be: (First level human principle invested) Qabbalah: luciferin parody of malkuth; Tantra: muladhara investment. The “new man” (and that is its novelty) completely devoid of any sovereignty over itself. He shows how the investment of their own “royalty” that makes him human. Therefore, it would be literally a slave, born to be just that: slave. Not only that: it would be a “new slave” and a new release from bondage is that it may not even work the land. In fact, the final spawn Novus Ordo Seclorum never tread the earth, disown such land, nor will be playing with their feet, even if I say worship a gruesome monster with that name. Uprooting is the reason for his unworthy existence will not recognize the name of his mother. He will be born of a womb rented or bought-in any case-possessed by the ghostly madness that he shall exercise no father, but “love”. Thus, the “new man” is literally and all the effects and meanings, a “son of a bitch.” Detached from the earth, ignorant of his mother, designed to be “owned” the “new man” will appear to be born to fulfill its mission: to be useful for the design of his master. (Second level human principle invested) Qabbalah: luciferin parody of Yesod; Tantra: swadhistana investment. The “foundation” of the utility of the “new man” is its complete lack of creative power. The “new man” can not create anything, only serves to “produce.” He, in fact, he has become part of the “production”. As a result, the re-production will not be the result of the union of two human beings. Reproduction will be “assisted” by a non-human entity, which will be the productivity of the “new men.” Indeed, this “new man” will not have family, have “tutors”, “teachers”, “teachers”, “guide” … slave communities that make up the “house”. That’s right: it’s “house”, because there will be houses, homes, mansions. The “new man” born and live in huge urban centers where land will be covered by miles and miles of metal, glass and tar. Somebody called “family homes”: cell blocks bedrooms slave over seven stories high, where you will stay for several hundred of these “new men”, all without blood, without family ties, no other common identity his slavery. These monsters-strangers to each other-share blocks, floors, doors, staircases … share “community.” Produced and consumed-because for this have been given birth-twenty-four hours a day will not have night: there will always be light and noise on the “new cops” in the global “metropolis”. The sun will burn without heating, and the moon will go crazy without an extinct inspire creative power. The “new man” will be instructed to be useful in a production, and to the extent that utility, you will be kept alive. If a failure of the re-production “neohumana” sheds an individual with glimpses of effective creativity, that oddity is removed by the “good” of the collective. The same set of “new men” it will eliminate the vestiges of the “old man” for his monstrous undesirable social project. Thus, the “new man” actively work on the extinction of the “old” (let’s call it that), identifying it as an enemy. The productive man denounce the creative man, the man chase the subhuman collectivist individual and actual man, the “new man” kill the man himself, for rolls it, weaken it, and-finally-extinguish. (Third level human principle invested) Qabbalah: Parody Netsah luciferin and hod; Tantra: Manipura investment. In the “city” of continuous fluorescent light, the “new man” will have a unique: obedience. It is for this reason that the dominant character trait will be martial obedience. The “new man” is-first and foremost-a “new soldier”, a “super-soldier” and the role it will play in all situations. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, one of the ideological announcers: “Man is born for war. (…) Everything else is nonsense “This is and will be, the law governing the activity.” New man “will be martial law. He will be optimized weapon of war, and with that intention will be given birth. This war will also be “new”. The refined cruelty governed servile character of the “new man” and the new wars begin with a horrible new feature: every war will be started to go on forever. War is the habitat of the “new man” in the same way that a fish needs water to stay alive. Therefore, the same survival instinct of the “new man” push him to participate in endless wars in which obey the orders of his superior. His “will” be the alien, his activity will be “mission accomplished”, his conscience will be martial obedience. (Fourth level human principle invested) Qabbalah: luciferin parody of Tiphereth; Tantra: anahata investment. The “new man” which lack all human values ​​as “beautiful”. Something called “new man” can not hold “beauty” because a human being is eternal beauty. The “new man” and ignore what is beautiful, in their ignorance, and invest deform the beauty assimilating what is useful for their slave status. For him, art is an industry that produces useful items for entertainment and distraction in their servile day. The “heart” is only a muscle that pumps a poisoned blood, and nothing more. If operation fails, it is replaced by another, is inserted a machine, or pieces of pig heart is grafted. Human affections shall be discounted and the friction of the slave coexistence. The purity of the human heart will be contaminated by a useful biochemical imbalance servitude: sentimentality. In this deceitful farce emotional wealth, own “new man” will call the “love”, and that will tell you what to feel by his superior, his master, his “computer”. The “new man” in that slavery, in his helplessness, in obedience, in their misery of heart, called to his master, “god.” Of course, in the same way that “love” is a reversal of the beauty of the human heart, that “God” will not be any divine being. Instead, be a phantom “pc”, a tyrannical monster, a producer of monsters. The “new man” is yoked to the will of this being, by inexorable media. (Fifth level human principle invested) Qabbalah: luciferin parody of hesed and Geburah; Tantra: vishudha investment. No “purity” some only pollution and imbalance, justice of the “new man” will be imposed through fear. The discourse of this “new man” will just be a terrifying babble, and his word will sound like a mere empty threat of real content. His language is not human and, therefore, not be language. Will be no books will not be useful to the “new man” and he will be unable to create or read a book. There will be yes, scientific treatises, digests, technical manuals, educational textbooks, constitutions, industrial products, pictures, proclamations, databases, statistics … but will be no books as properly human creations. Also destroy the revealed or divine inspiration books, and they did not get destroyed, the fraudulently will translate their lisp subhuman for use in your project. Thus, “Word of God” will be called monstrous noise master who taught his sick notion of justice through cruelty and meanness. No “mercy” express the “new man”, just a disgusting gloating evil called “philanthropy”, “aid”, “solidarity” … abject alibi that will serve to trample any trace of humanity. In this field of subhuman vibration, which abound be noise: loud screeching metals with each other, bells, electronic sounds, alarms, horns of vehicles, motors, fans, sirens, speakers, batteries, recorded voices, beeps, explosions . The “new man” tell even produce a “music” with all that noise, the “music industry” – and by a Luciferian utility laws of rhythm and harmony, lower forces manifested ever be invoked. The “new man” ignored every word (logos), and produce their votes excrement through the noise. Nothing is more foreign to the “new man” that silence and innocence. (Sixth invert level of the human principle) Qabbalah: Parody hokmah luciferin and binah: Tantra: ajna investment. Is the “new man” is intelligent? No, no, not a bit. Intelligence is the faculty that gives access to knowledge. The “new man” is interested in the information, and this interest does not require any intelligence, but an information processor. Therefore, so the “new man” be himself, a computer processor located where once resided human intelligence. This computer processor is assigned the disgusting pseudo-name “artificial intelligence”, and will be integrated and fused into the biology of the “new man.” The architects of such a monster believe so, “have transferred the human personality in electronic media,” a hard-ware. However, nobody will be transferred nothing: only have produced a new computer, you have invented a new weapon of destruction of humanity, will have begotten a beast. That is who governs the “command” and “leadership” of the “new man”: no “reason”, or even mathematics, or computer science, will a beast. Human intelligence is reduced to its organic look in the man’s body, ie the brain. The utilitarian manipulation of the brain give rise, not to “a new form of intelligence,” but the end of all knowledge. In short, this spectral delivery, would mean the end of all manifestation of the human. And that would eventually impossible project completion: the end of the human and its replacement by an inverted parody substandard production. (Reversing Human top seventh level) Qabbalah: luciferin culmination of kether; Tantra: false culmination of the rise of inadequate strength to Sahashrara. The “new man” appears as the culmination of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. This is an impossible conclusion, for the satanic aim is making the impossible possible, and gloat about it. The “crown” of the “new man” would be designed as a bionic device that will definitely change the fundamental nature of human beings. A large number of neo-human culminations be designed, and will be no. That will be the culmination of the Novus Ordo Seclorum: failure. “The Great Work From All Eras” is and always was a farce, a false project, set a trap clumsy humans. The Luciferian project does not culminate in practice, because his theory is a lie. Therefore, although it may seem to succeed from the illusion that success is to be a pantomime, a tragic farce, a charade satanic. The subhuman force is displayed in its apparent splendor as never ceased to be: less than us. His kingdom will fall before becoming effective, its success will be a mask intended to hide the dismal failure, his lie betrays the omnipresence of truth that nourishes-as every cosmic life cycle of a human being by always universal. GO TO CAP. 15



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