AppStore sales reached $ 10,000 million in 2013

App stores have become an excellent deal for all developers of mobile operating systems and similar platforms, and that the introduction of this kind of stores can get big and fat profits for both developers and the owner of the platform. For Apple, the AppStore has triumphed greatly since its launch in 2008, when first opened its doors. For example, in 2013 the AppStore has earned incredible profits for Apple and developers of applications, being a not inconsiderable figure of more than $ 10,000 million which have been obtained in the iOS app store. Through a press release, Apple has informed the general public economic revenue that has had the AppStore over 365 days a year which ended a few days ago. $ 10,000 million, the AppStore marks a new record profit in its history. In addition, Apple has announced that December has been the most revenue is generated, to obtain profits of more than $ 1,000 million, still is a record number of sales over within 31 days since 2008 who came to the iOS AppStore. The most successful international applications in 2014 were: Candy Crush Saga Puzzles & Dragons Minecraft QuizUp Clumsy Ninja Developers have been the biggest beneficiaries with earnings over $ 15,000 million since opening the store, a figure not bad for those who spend hundreds hours to develop an application or game for the enjoyment of thousands.





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