Best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7

If you’ve come this far you probably already know that because you can add to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod new features that give you more freedom when using your Apple device. With the arrival of the new operating system, we show you the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7. January 11, 2014, 17:00 by Miguel Martinez – Editor If you’ve come here is because I know plenty of the advantages of having installed jailbreak on your Apple device. By default, the iOS 7 operating system has certain limitations defined by its creator. These include, for example, the inability (with some exceptions) to install applications from other sources other than the App Store. So, there are many changes that are not claimed by few users, but the apple company does not consider suitable for iOS 7. A few days ago, I was told each other everything about jailbreak (doubts, installation, problems and advice), now turn to discuss the best Cydia tweaks available for the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system: iOS 7. These tweaks for iOS 7 are small programs that allow you to alter the operating system, this is getting more fluid that is able to run without jailbreak unthinkable actions. Just as in previous versions of the operating system, it was essential to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod for maximum enjoyment without limitations of your device, it is true that with the advent of the new iOS, many of these tweaks have been adopted and included in the final firmware in one way or another (which shows the good work of developers away from Apple’s tight control). At this point, due to the amount of Cydia tweaks that were "adapted" and included in iOS 7, the majority of programs available to jailbreak terminals are based on altering the aesthetics of the new firmware, rather than adding new and revolutionary features Apple system. These are the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7: Accelerate: Jailbreak Tweak available by speeding animations iOS 7 giving a greater sense of flow to the device. Barrel: Tweak to generate different styles of transition between different home screens Apple terminals. BatterySafe: Tweak really interesting to jailbreak terminals, which helps save battery power by turning off certain functions when you get to a certain level of battery. BioProtect: Tweak only support jailbroken iPhone 5S, since it uses the ID to protect Touch sensor applications. BytaFont2: A program that helps you install different fonts on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. CCControl: Allows you to customize the Control Center iOS 7. It offers complete control over the panel, to the point that you can change the placement of the icons, choose topics for decoration, or assign new functions to the Control Center. CCHide: Similar to the previous tweak, but with the option to delete the music section when you are not playing any song. CleanCC: Tweak available in Cydia that allows you to change the appearance of the control center, eliminating sections, dividing lines and Control Center options. ClearFolders: Get rid of the folders background when opened, making them transparent. ControlTask: imitation system multitasking iOS 6 in the Control Center, showing a line with active applications at the bottom of the screen. FlipControlCenter: One of the most useful Cydia tweaks for iOS 7, since you can add and configure the Control Center buttons. HomescreenDesigner: Ideal for those who like to fully customize the home screen of your Apple device as possible to organize apps more conveniently. Lockdown Pro iOS 7: Tweak that allows you to protect your applications with a password. MobileTerminal: DOS screen where you enter commands to perform tasks on the iPhone, iPad or iPod as installing applications, creating folders or file search. NCAllOnly: Delete paragraphs "today" and "not seen" the new Notification Center in iOS 7. No Icon Badges: Tweak that removes red balloon icons. NoNewMark: Removes the blue flag that appears on the screen when an application update. Percentage Curious Cydia tweak for iOS 7 showing the battery percentage in the status bar only when the energy is at below 20%. ProTube Extension for Youtube: Tweak designed to download video from Youtube to click on it and hold briefly. Provides the ability to select the quality with which you want to download the video or download the audio only. Purge: Something we missed many users of iOS 7 and envy holders Android: multitasking empty with a simple click. There tweaks or similar as SwitchSpring SwipetoRespring. Reveal: Program that the Cupertino company should take note, since it shows completely notifications from Notification Center, simply making a swipe gesture. Also lets see it from the lock screen, clicking on the notification. Safari Download Enabler: Enables greater control of the files downloaded from the iOS browser 7 files. Share Widget for iOS 7: Ideal for those who miss the ability to publish to different social networks from the Notification Center, as in iOS 6. Signal Booster: Increases the signal from your Apple device, looking for the best network for him. Simplock deletes all traces of the phrase "slide to unlock" screen lock iPhone, iPad or iPod. Very similar to tabless, erasing indicators Control Center and notices of this screen. SwipeSelection: Another of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 texts easier to manage as it adds new features to write, copy, paste or any other task you have to perform with them. Swipey: Third open selected from the lock screen applications. TransparentDock: A delight to critics (among whom I include myself) the horrific dock of the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system. This tweak forces make the dock transparent and achieve greater aesthetic balance to the home screen. Virtual Home: exclusive to the iPhone 5S that lets you customize the button Tweak fingerprint. Its function is to reduce the number of keystrokes to be carried out with the Touch ID button iPhone 5S. XBMC: Tweak intended as a multimedia center to enjoy content from any source. Zeppelin Beta for iOS: Funny tweak that lets you change the logo of your network operator Read more: Jailbreak: best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 – tweaks-cydia-ios-7-8454 # ZqA1RH3aaLLcVoCj










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