Rumors again accompany the iPad or iPad Maxi Pro Rumors, that inexhaustible source of news and entertainment in equal measure. What would we do without those videos in an iPhone with holographic projector? What would we be without the eternal development of iWatch? And we could go with an innumerable set of rumors on all kinds of products and companies. We are not satisfied with our products enjoy when only just launched on the market, but we need to always go further, look to the future generations of these tablets, smartphones or gadgets in general and think about what we will buy and what not. This is the case of the 12-inch iPad rumored also called iPad Pro Well, the latest rumors speak of an iPad Pro, specifically a presentation of an iPad Pro in April with a resolution of 2k. This type of resolution is somewhat higher than the actual and expected to be also present in other important gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy SV and is available on devices like the Kindle Fire HDX with 2560 x 1660 pixels. 4K resolution, retina scanner and news for iPad Pro If this seems unbelievable, wait to hear the following, and in October a new version of the iPad Pro with a resolution of 4K is presented. If the image quality of current screens begins to exceed the maximum quality that the human eye can perceive, imagine what happens with 4K screens. In my opinion, in tablets and smartphones, the race for 4K is useless while quality content in that capacity are not standardized. All this information comes from the International Business Times (IBT) which has made a report talking about all these issues. In addition to the qualities of the iPad screens futures, which have now added an eye retina scanner. Not explain how it can be applied to an iPad, but if you speak of its use in research to learn how users view Internet content. No doubt, as in claim PadGadget, other brands are thinking about implementing these technologies and even to launch 13-inch tablets. If anything should have learned of the success of brands tablets 7 and 8 inches is the more portable the better. Not a 13 "for a device should be able to use everywhere is necessary, although it is clear that the market demand and many people who want the larger screens better.





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