Syria, transformed by the war into a major producer and consumer of amphetamines

Syria has become a major producer, exporter and consumer of amphetamines as Captagon, while the trauma of civil war fuels the demand for drugs in the country and lack of order is a ‘blessing’ for producers. Located at the crossroads of the Middle East, Syria has long been a transit point for drugs from the EU, Turkey and Lebanon to Jordan, Iraq and the Persian Gulf. According to Reuters, the collapse of state infrastructure, the weakening of borders and the proliferation of armed groups during the three years of conflict, Syria has become a major center of drug production, especially Captagon . The production is cheap and simple and requires only basic knowledge of chemistry "Production is cheap and simple and only requires basic knowledge of chemistry," says Ramzi Haddad Lebanese psychiatrist, so, according to experts, it is easy to obtain in clandestine laboratories . According to traders and local activists, the production of this drug has accelerated in 2013, surpassing even the major producing countries in the region such as Lebanon. Meanwhile, the national drug control office in the area also reported the growing role of Syria in the export of the substance. According to experts, the drug trade generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in Syria a year, money that would possibly using to finance the purchase of weapons. In addition, consumption has grown significantly Captagon. According to psychologists, this substance helps the fighters to withstand harsh battles, long hours without sleep and even pain if tortured. Doctors also reveal that Syrian civilians also are increasingly experimenting with these pills, which are available for a price of between 5 and 20 dollars.



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