Apple releases new iPad announcement. What will your verse?

Apple has returned to the fray with a new notice of the things you can get has to do with one of your devices, in this case the company refers to its latest model generation iPads, the iPad Air, teaching us how useful You can become this device in everyday life. The motto of this new announcement is "What will your verse?" Based on the idea that all human life is a poem and our individual lines are a verse in the poem. The announcement is the use that can be given to the Apple tablet in different circumstances or everyday work as a tool for all types of engineers, artists and creative use for educational purposes or for sports tactics as equipment used for ice hockey and animation in an NFL game for the San Francisco 49ers. Apple has turned its usefully ads, changing the purpose of showing the characteristics of their devices by using them you can give them to take productivity, how are you Christmas saw the announcement focused on the iPhone 5S and camera congratulate the parties. Such notices are passing different clips with different users throughout the world as a voiceover he is telling pretty verses which speaks a bit of poetry and passion they put into different subjects humans, resulting in the existence of medicine, law or the laws of the engineering. This is the voice that is heard around the announcement: do not read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble, necessary for life activities. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, that is why we are alive. Quoting Whitman, "Oh my, oh life of your questions again. Of the endless trains of the faithless. Of the cities full of fools. What good is in the midst of these things, Oh my, Oh life? Answer: you’re here. That life exists and identity. That the powerful play goes, and you may contribute a verse. " "That the powerful play goes, and you may contribute a verse." What will be your next line? As a curiosity in its 1:31 minutes long also refers to the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​which quickly see inside at minutes 0:09 and 0:59. It is clear that the strategy has changed, Apple no longer shows in detail their products in ads, perhaps because they are already known to all, they show us the fabulous things we can do with them and how useful they can be for all. What do you think of this new ad for the Cupertino company?




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