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How To Spy WhatsApp These are some of the techniques that exist to spy WhatsApp, but this time behind the news was that the creator has stopped WhatsApp Spy, ripping a fake application which users hoping to get other people’s conversations . A question many people raise is whether it is possible to eavesdrop on WhatsApp, so seeing the great interest of world security WhatsApp, I decided to write this collection with all the possibilities that exist for this task will take their precautions about it, but do not forget that when the iPhone involved, you better you read the book Hacking iOS: iPhone & iPad, where are many ways to hack the terminal that you would have access to WhatsApp. Let’s do this: Spying WhatsApp we knew the phone number of a person present, if the phone number associated to WhatsApp account is known can get information of the owner, and even public photography associated, but there is no service that allows Directions to the talks. This was the scam. Figure 1: What’s App on PC is malware that must also run programs like low magic or Android to your PC lets you set up any phone number in it. This, unfortunately, is usually malware. In a study by Eleven Paths, in just one month was able to find many malicious apps WhatsApp on Google Play. Figure 2: Advice public information to Contacts adding WhatsApp WhatsApp People Voyeur took the query service information associated with the phone number, but can be done manually by simply adding phone number to contacts. On the other hand, only add a contact you can also know when it is connected or not, unless they have been applied WhatsApp privacy tips. Thanks to a new feature of preview images from URLs sent by chat message on WhatsApp for Android, a person could send a URL from a controlled website, and force the customer to make a data connection to the web server, so you could find the IP address and therefore the location of that person, in addition to the exact version of the operating system you have. WhatsApp conversations spy stealing the WiFi network itself before it could decrypt the communication between servers and mobile devices WhatsApp. WhatsApp happened to use SSL from version 2.8.3, so it no longer uses the old tricks based on MAC or IMEI – easily searchable -. If the old version was still serve as WhatsAppSniffer tools and all variants that were. To do this from capture network traffic, older versions exist for a plugin called Wireshark-Whatsapp. Figure 3: Android WhatsAppSniffer October 8 this year published a new method with a Proof of Concept to decrypt communications network WhatsApp for, but still there is no tool to do it with the official communications application but if talks with WireShark sniffer type are recorded, probably in the future we can decipher them. However, think seriously add a VPN connection to protect your conversations WhatsApp. WhatsApp spy stealing the account remotely to achieve this would be to find a vulnerability in WhatsApp that would record the phone number of the victim in another terminal and download the conversations that are stored on the server. These failures hijacking of WhatsApp have existed in the past, but currently none are permitted to remotely known. Figure 4: Example of Hijacking WhatsApp published in 2011 by Yago Jesus might appear in the future or someone has a 0day not posted about it, but none that work is already known that due to the importance, WhatsApp closes these failures as fast as you can. WhatsApp spy stealing Apple account ID in the latest database WhatsApp conversations can be saved in Apple iCloud. If you steal the Apple Account ID – with a keylogger or looking over the shoulder – could reach the database and view conversations accessing iCloud backup tools like ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker. Spying WhatsApp with theft has physical access to the phone If you have your phone nearby and has the preview of SMS messages on, you could install WhatsApp on a tablet and order confirmation SMS to steal account and download previous talks. This is the same case that steal Hotmail / Gmail with iPhone and SMS preview. WhatsApp spy stealing the database from a backup of a backup of Apple When an iPhone through Apple iTunes is a team, the database will also WhatsApp. You can locate this file and analyze. This process is explained in detail in the book Hacking iOS: iPhone & iPad. Figure 5: Copy the database backup WhatsApp in the Apple iTunes is a SQLite file, so any viewer of this database format can be seen. Keep in mind that if messages are deleted in the database may be obtained not see. However, it is possible to do a forensic analysis of SQLite to Recover Messages and get many WhatsApp messages that have been deleted by the owner. WhatsApp spy stealing the database on the SD Card of an Android terminal If the terminal is Android, you can get the database from SDCard WhatsApp. This database has a very simple to remove encryption for SQLite after the flat file. If the database is encrypted to Recover Messages rises, the base automatically decrypted data is obtained for free. In the latest results, there are over 300,000 databases analyzed Recover Messages, and more than 17,500 registered users. WhatsApp spy stealing database of iPhone Whether terminal has the iPhone passcode terminal as if it has access to a team that has made the pairing Apple iTunes / iPhone, you can use a simple tool as iFunBox and access the file from database WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak terminal or anything. Figure 6: Accessing the database with an iPhone WhatsApp iFunBox Of course, if the terminal has jailbreak, and have not changed the default password could access the terminal in many other ways, including using OpenSSH or Gecko. In the book Hacking iOS: iPhone and iPad you have many ways to access the terminal skipping or getting the iPhone passcode. WhatsApp installing Trojans Spy terminals If you have access to the iPhone or Android terminal there are many ways to install a Trojan. For iPhone I collected in this article ways to install a Trojan on iPhone. In Android are other ways, but seen the amount of malware out there and recent security breaches that validations are skipped firms is not the most difficult. Figure 7: Spy WhatsApp is between the characteristics of many Trojans In November 2013 the WhatsAppCopy service, based on installing a malicious app was intended as a play on Android terminals service was published. This app was stealing databases of WhatsApp to all victims and put a surcharge access to terminal posts. It was removed from Google Play. Spying WhatsApp on iPhone without Trojan For iPhone though not its original purpose, you can use the tool WhatsApp Protectiton Anti-Delete Tool This tool can be used to protect your messages, but also could be used as a method of parental control young or spy messages from a person. In any case requires physical access to the terminal. In the following video you can see how it works in detail. Figure 8: Performance of WhatsApp Anti-Delete Security Tool Spy WhastApp with "tranquility" Do not forget that often the simplest way it’s that or has no passcode, it is a passcode has been guessed or known or display a bug to skip passcode so, suffice to access messages quietly. Common explanation in many cases. Get WhtatsApp databases network Curiously, many people may inadvertently leave the databases WhatsApp network shares, whether in P2P networks as seen in this article or on file servers of any kind. The name of the database on a backup WhtasApp Apple iTunes is 1b6b187a1b60b9ae8b720c79e2c67f472bab09c0. Figure 9: Copies of talks WhatsApp on e-mule As you can see, even though the guy has been arrested for committing a scam, there are certain ways – though not as magical as promised – for which you can get read messages sent and received by WhatsApp, so you have to take precautions so this does not happen to you. Malignant Greetings! 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