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Siri surprised at his appearance in iOS 6, when the iPad 4 and iPad Mini was released, Siri be available on these devices as I could try some physical stores Apple Siri works pretty well, but lacks a little " vidilla "in Spain: more features, greater breadth of answers … The video posted above, you can see the multiple functions that would Google Now, the application on which it is attached video. A video in the leaked Google account few hours ago and that users downloaded and published on their Youtube channel. After the jump we analyze the possible functions that could have this app if Google confirms rumors of this leak by the same company: As we can see in the video Google Now we offer several features (like Siri) but with many more features as integrates with Google Maps, Google Places, Google+ and of course the Google search engine Pathways using Google Maps Meet results of football and basketball inputs and outputs in airports: types of airplanes, airports, number of passengers … Translation of any word / sentence, regardless of Google Translate (the app itself) Currency conversions using the search engine Google Know restaurants, shops and other places using Google Places Meet important news sorted by days, topics or other making use of the familiar: Google News Google Now would Siri to be a Google on the App Store or compaction of all Google services in a single application, called Now. I look forward to Google confirm this rumor application (almost confirmed since the video was published on the channel Google) and be able to download it on our iPads and use it as I did, for example, I have an iPad 2 and I have Now Siri and Google would have a "Siri Google" on my iPad. Google Will Apple correct in the use of Siri on all devices? Was’ll add some more device like the iPhone 3GS or the iPad 2? Rumore, rumore …




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