iPhone has served 7 years and it seems like yesterday

Yes …. In 2007, when Steve Jobs appeared at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco, few of those present could be aware they were in the presentation, pitch, something that would mark the beginning of a new technological age: iPhone iPhone Steve Jobs launching iPhone "Something happens in a moment, may be a product that changes everything" This was the standard of Jobs for each new creation. The success of the iPhone could be compared to the Macintosh computer in 1984 introduced a real change in how the world worked, giving the opportunity to attract new industry and enabling countless new fortunes. Related Post: The best of the past 20 years The famous device that Jobs took from his pocket that January morning was far from perfect. Many critics said it was not fast enough, it was not cheap and it was too restrictive …. wrong. Apple brought smartphones to the public, took a turn completely to the mobile industry in a single afternoon. The change was so rapid and violent that even Nokia and Motorola, heavy weights in the industry, recognized his "admiration" for what happened there. I recommend watching the movie on the life of Steve Jobs that was released a few months ago. The film is called "Jobs" and here you can see the trailer. If you can not view the video click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDPrPOSJ834 the shadow economy grew iPhone currently supports hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the world. Apple paid more than $ 15 million to developers in the app store already know how many millions more that have been generated on accessories iPhone there are around. But also remember that were close to bankruptcy, but in 2013 became the most valuable company in the world, overtaking Coca-Cola that has occupied this position for years and leaving behind such powerful companies like Google. Related Post: Apple is the most valuable company in the world with news on iPhone without advertising in your RSS reader or Email CLICK:




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