Noticie of Argentina

Men are divided into two camps: those who love and build, and those who hate and destroy "José Martí. Cristina still does not appear and the worsening of his mental situation is already common knowledge, so much so that it has a new episode about loss spatiotemporal location for your break in Calafate. Today, beyond the efficient concealment makes your figure, the boss actually in Argentina is the Chinese Zannini, whom nobody ever elected, saying transmit the orders of the queen. When the President was appointed as ridiculous Coqui Capitanich as Chief of Staff (prudent, not resigned as Governor of Chaco) to mitigate, to some extent, the effects of their disappearance, kept Bambino Kiciloff (actually promoted him to Minister of Economy displacing I-want-my Lorenzino) and Carioca Patotón Echegaray, and so rearmed their own "Titanes", the late show Karadagian. In his meat grinder, took the ring disguised fighters, who went to fight all against all and join the whole country in the greatest confusion. Meanwhile, gossip Olivos feature that Coqui, tired of standing esmerilamiento that is submitted by officials, at least in theory, depend on it, has already submitted the resignation, perhaps, rejection has been similar to that received gift July DeCobrado in similar circumstances: "here you are only imprisoned or dead." The Patotón himself, whom the media Kitts Timba López armed bed of Rio de Janeiro, a situation that has been aggravated by his notorious lies, has repeatedly disavowed and should be with hurt leather, I have to me that, if not by compromising doilies that armed the AFIP on Dona Cristina and intimate setting, and I would have ejected. It is common today in all political cliques, he noted that in any serious country, Patotón already been cast, it is true, but I always answer that before the President itself, Gita-ferrite, Louie, Uberti, Schiavi, Baez animal, the Eskenazi, Ferreyra, Timba and many others would be prisoners. Perhaps, in this dramatic environment, which included ups and downs on property taxes and valuation of real estate assets, the episodes have been laughable threat after claiming bad advice denied, opening the import of tomatoes from Brazil, with the avowed purpose of "caring" prices and Argentine table, and the announcement of the purchase by the Argentine Army, thirty-five Hummer as a sign of recovery of our relationship with the United States. This last item, beyond demonstrating that lack of funds even to buy a modest armored, brings an additional complication, which should generate concern among citizens. El Chivo Rossi has denied transport are to be allocated to the fight against drug trafficking, now prohibited by law defense. Because obviously, you would assign this mission that the military violated the regulations, acting within the boundaries, but if they have that destination, what would be the role of vehicles? And that brings us to the next question: the officers, who see daily their imprisoned comrades for obeying a law enacted in democracy, will they be willing to follow Espion Milani, to fall into the same trap "due obedience"? Everything would be a minor issue if it had such a high political and economic costs for the entire Argentina, both to its own rules as to its international image. In a time when the national reserves have practically disappeared, which has led the government to the most absurd experiments to try to recompose, anyone be so drunk, whether Argentine or foreign, to bring currency to such a corrupt country immersed in a sidereal moral crisis, lacking leadership and economic planning does not respect any contract, has one of the highest inflation rates in the world, you have traps and arbitrariness, does not allow withdrawing earnings begins to lack of hand skilled labor, it can not supply power and live in the most extreme short-termism? Because we agree, Argentina is a place where one learns whether he is rich or poor reading the newspaper the next day. Having other neighboring countries that we grow and in which long-term certainty and legal security are the daily reality, why play in the huge casino that we have become ours? I read a note that published Daniel Muchnik Tuesday in "The Chronicle", with a comprehensive description of the "rodrigazo" of 1975 and its consequences, the similarities with the situation in which we live calls for the inexorable a final long advertised; remembered this writer, and in July 2008, had said ( I was very battered at the time, accusing me of trying to become a self-fulfilling prophecy my fervent and militant criticism of Kirchner and, as with the energy crisis, which also described earlier, with the passing of the years in which no one perceived I was losing credibility. In economics one can set certain limits for future events, but they are relentless when erroneous prescriptions still apply and, especially, when those policies are real objective looting. The "rodrigazo" is already doing the government, which has devalued the peso at a rate much higher than inflation, which has allowed large rises in the prices of fuel and transport, or reaching agreements foods that corroborates previous hikes valid. But it is doing in stages, so that its effect sincerar the economy is always lost, and the final blow will public employees whose salaries and impossible to pay for both the nation and to the governorates and municipalities. Will they turn, then the quasi-currencies such as the Governor Colombi, Corrientes say? Concern for the stampede dollar "blue" has forced the Government House to insist on clearing ANSeS, which has sold bonds to be paid by future governments, despite which Mr. Fabrega, since assuming the Presidency Central Bank, has seen bookings fall in U $ S 1,500 million in only forty-five days. This decline has led to the actual availability level of U.S. $ 9 billion, confirmed by experts, and lines features more than alarming, especially the claim to steal another $ 3.5 / 4 billion under the guise of INDEC falsehoods on the growth of our economy. Meanwhile, as has been seen, the Government, which this year will import crude oil for the first time in decades, bet YPF for currencies, ie want to repeat the situation before privatization: into debt to the company, which paid less rate than Argentina itself, and then withdraw funds from its treasury. Response, not surprising that so many transcended repentance Wizard Galuccio his acceptance of the post of CEO of the company, tired of arguing with La Campora. However, the shambles that the combination of extreme wickedness and ignorance of those who, at least in theory, dealing with the economy has led to a new contradiction: CUIT lock to one of the largest exporters of grains, which made ingenuity to send wheat abroad released a previously granted, and which he was required to cancel the ship and in navigation. The move has generated fear in the remaining companies in the industry, and produce new serious consequences on the local grain market. This week, business leaders and field met behind closed doors in La Rural. You know a lot of some of those who were in that meeting, I know I started to think about how and what to do if the constitutional term of 2015 the lead, as many believe, maturity. Argentina, as the kids say, is "tomato" long, but evil has worsened and now reached the highest national executive level. The next sixty days will be defining, society, and warning against consensus is claiming what is coming, but opponents continue to look the other way and, when asked, respond, "I, argentine!"



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