Syrian nun, "Christian blood Islamists sold $ 100,000 bottle.

Islamists sold blood of Syrian Christians killed for $ 100,000 per bottle to the Saudis, said the Syrian Orthodox nun Hatune Dogan Turkish origin during the presentation of the results of their independent research. Dogan, whose family moved to Germany when he was 15, runs the charity Foundation Hatune Sister, known as Hand to Assist the Poor (Helfende Hände für die Armen), which operates in 35 countries. 1/12/14 1:44 PM | Print | Email (RT / InfoCatólica) As reported in the Examiner website, the issue of independent research presented at a conference in Vienna that was part of an event dedicated to the Day of the Rights Human, was the persecution and mistreatment of Christians by Muslim fundamentalists in Syria. Hatune Dogan told that once a priest introduced him to a man, identified by her as "one of those murderers who after suffering serious psychological problems, became a Christian and left everything he did before." He said the sale of the blood of murdered Christians is ‘big business’. "A small bottle of blood sent to Christian fanatics in Saudi Arabia paid $ 100,000", quote Dogan Hatune man’s words and adds that "under Islamic conception, when they wash their hands with the blood of the sacrifice involved to Allah. " During his speech in German, the video was posted on YouTube, Dogan also described their encounters with victims of radical Muslims, many of whom report cases of rape, murder, torture and mutilation. The nun says, for example, a Syrian who was able to communicate with the "cut off some pockets filled with meat and salt." The religious also describes numerous cases of violation of Syrian women with whom he contacted. In all, he spoke with 218 women who were abducted, raped and later released in exchange for a ransom. Dogan said he has available 174 videos attest these terrible abuses, torture and murder he received from family members of victims of Islamist persecution. During the conference, was one in which the ‘ceremony murder "of a Christian named Joseph Baghdad by the jihadists is observed. These images of beheading Christian were given to the religious by the sister of the victim.




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