Using Google Drive as a music store

Google Drive is the online storage service Google, the almighty search engine. Its goal is to serve you to keep up to 5GB of files of any type, especially for Google Docs documents and photographs to Google+. The possibilities are endless Drive, and we have seen how it can help you save files to share with Gmail and I have had a few tricks to squeeze Google Drive. But Drive can serve for many more things. Did you know you can listen to music from Google Drive? We explain how using DriveTunes, an application for Chrome. DriveTunes installs in Google Chrome, Google’s web browser, and acts as a music player. What reproduce? Basically you save music on your space Google Drive MP3 and M4A format. The advantages of this are many. For starters, you have to copy your favorite songs from your computer to mobile or portable to carry with you wherever you go. Nor do you need to use services like Google Music, Spotify or SoundCloud. So you make sure you have the music you like and not what these services have in their database. That includes your own music, if you’re an artist, or even audio recordings of lectures or fragments of radio. To start using DriveTunes you need just installed Google Chrome and install the appropriate extension. The process is very simple. Once installed, it appears in the Applications tab of Google Chrome. When opened for the first time, it will ask permission to access Google Drive. If you have music in Google Drive, you can easily upload. By accessing the main Drive screen, click on the ticker symbol "Upload" button to the right of "Create". You can upload individual songs or an entire folder, and see the upload progress song to song. Once you have uploaded the music, you can now enter DriveTunes. You see, its appearance is that of an ordinary rather minimalist player in my opinion. Automatically shows the rise to Drive music in MP3 and M4A formats supported, although in the future it will also read FLAC and OGG. Personally, DriveTunes is a great success that Google should consider integrating Google Drive on by default, but having Google Music should not be in their priorities. In the future we hope to add DriveTunes improvements such as integrated into the address bar as a player in miniature, but still, I think will be very useful to listen to the music you like without relying on online services.




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