Amaizing iPhone Air Concept Design.

Amazing iPhone Air concept design
January 14, 2014 | Josh Bane | Comments

As more concepts, designs and models come out for desired makes of the next iPhone the more we can see how much people want a sleek slim edge-to-edge display. Artist Federico Ciccarese of SET Solution has created one of the finest pieces of tech art I have ever seen! Take a gander at the gallery below and let us know what you think!

Apple for the most part is pretty predictable with their designs of devices. Usually, the designs are close to the predecessor of whatever device to date. For example, the iPads recently have not changed the overall look, but has tweaked bezels and screen sizes. If Apple were to continue such a trend, they could indeed make an iPhone Air to partner up with it’s big brother the iPad Air. Why not?

Measuring at a mere 1.5mm thick, weighing in at 70grams and stretching to 5” of retina beautification, this iPhone Air really is such a sweet design that strikes any techies eyes as a masterpiece of art.

Realistically…as of current components have no chance of fitting inside such a slim iPhone as this model portrays. But dream with me for a minute. If a design like this were to actually be released in the near future, then this would be ahead of the game. Thus the components would more than likely evolve as well. Such as how the iPhone Air could charge, because there would be no room for even the small lightening connector. The charger could be like what MacBooks magnetic charger has been like or even wireless charging.

While the edge-to-edge looks very appealing, the practical side of it does fall short in my opinion. I can imagine there would be many accidental touches from the palm and fingers that most people would have a hard time adjusting to the operation of an edge-to-edge display. Nice to look at, hard to deal with.

These depictions of what an iPhone Air could look like really does make one wonder what possibilities there are with the next iPhone. These renders are phenomenal. What are you thoughts on Federico Ciccarese’s design?

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