When WWII ended I thought the world was going to claim to creating fairer societies, however, the monsters still live in other bodies, repeating once cruel recipes, which now must be digested by the new generations. Supporters groups feed on chaos and ignominy that generate those powerful lying to create this nonsense called "Crisis". That is, ultimately, a lure manufacturers of armaments and tyrants libertarian worth to silence voices of their people. The miserable genocidal always used to expand throughout the world. . That was during the Crusades, the Inquisition, with exacerbation of Polish nationalists, Tsarist evil, and the butchers called Hitler and Stalin. In all these circumstances, both yesterday and today, continue to beat the same patches, same lies, that cost the lives of millions of human beings. Moron capitalized. The Argentine guitarist Miguel Vilanova stated during a performance in Cordoba ". Zionist plan has more than a hundred years to buy Patagonia a little price" "I’m anti-Semitic, not anti-Jewish," while said you have such a mental mess that no know what it says. The only ones who can believe are xenophobes like him. Already in the last century the argument that the Israelis wanted to buy used Patagonia. If memory serves me, who purchased the land price in the South Creoles were vile and foreign;. none of the Semitic race A Vilanova overwhelms ignorance and do not know how to disguise Miserables inheritance Polish people have never been able to prosecute his life as such His antisemitism has served to justify their lack… attachment to democracy and the right to live in peace. Poles of Jewish origin suffered terrible persecutions and massacres. might recur in the XXI century, with the few communities that still exist, if you are not aware and do not let country will have the same fate of his ancestors. In the city where My Mother, Bialystok born, four young men were sentenced to one year in prison for promoting Nazism and inciting anti-Semitism, after painting in 2007 symbols of those features in the Hebrew Cemetery locality. several swastikas, SS symbols and slogans intolerant, damaging the local monument to victims of the ghetto and plaque in honor of the creator of the language Esperanto, Ludwik Zamenhof, a guy whose house My Mother The museum became Polish Justice, it seems, is a bit slow with antisemites. Hitler loves him. leader of the Austrian far-right party, Heinz-Christian Strache, posted on his Facebook page a cartoon where an obese man is shown with a nose twisted with a Star of David on his twin. Sitting in front of the overweight man in a table in a restaurant a thin man with a bone on the plate is, while the burly man eats a full meal. The gaunt man represents the people. Dinner is served by a waiter tagged government. Strache is a photocopy of Jorg Haider, the same one that was about to be President of his country. A myocardial timely sent him to hell. Apparently the Austrians miss .. Adolfito a resentful Communities in the United States, fifty million living descendants of Germans, a huge amount of Arab communities; rivals the KKK and other factions are resentful that cling to cover minority. their mishiaduras. E ignore all contributions that people have made for the benefit of the country. Pennsylvania legends have been painted on the walls of a veterinary property of a Hebrew. Two guys insulted about Jews in a New York county and then tried to run over with auto guiding one of the bastards that did not over driver’s license. Yankees have an oratory in every corner. learned that God But we should not give bolilla. painted red swastikas and, in any cases, the words "kill the Jews" on signs, signs with street names, at least a dozen houses, sidewalks, mailboxes and postal in a car in the English town of Monmouth. The term "big lie" coined by Adolf Hitler was used by Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, to qualify the propaganda messages and speeches of his opponent in the upcoming U.S. election, the Republican candidate Josh Mande, which is of Hebrew origin. Vichy France live. A tragic attack on a Jewish school not calmed the waters now in the town Montreuil, an inscription of one meter was found two meters long saying. "Fuck the Jews, fuck high" in an academy near Hebrew school. French racism is well known. Now is enhanced by the activity of Muslim communities living in the French country. Antisemitic Article. A model country in social and political matters such as Finland, in the newspaper Magneetti Media published an article that argues that the Hebrews dominate the world and make use of extreme force to get what they want, between what counts seize other peoples, so the rest of the world should be in a constant state of alert to prevent it. owners of oil are not Jews.’s the stinking Humanity.’s the same hunger that kill their people. pamphlet This style reminds me of those who published the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, when was nervous because they decreased the clientele. Placard in a football game. Greece has to pay their outrages but the European Community can be isolated from the rest of its partners. A coward is incapable of cursing the IMF uses a sports meet for launch diatribes and wielding placards aimed at Jewish people. Fans of Paok Thessaloniki, perform the Nazi salute, to show your loyalty to those who destroyed entire communities, where there was peace and prosperity. Neither of famous philosophers, could remove cerebral sewer cover the minds of many Greeks. Antisemitism in Facebook, A significant number of users that is occurring poses a serious and disturbing phenomenon in recent times the social network Facebook, as strangers take over their personal pages the social network introducing them pictures of Adolf Hitler with the words "Heil Hitler" in some cases. Life is a photocopy. La evil is the only virtue that is most popular. Kindness is the ideal of a coward minority . antisemitic To all: today the Jewish people celebrate a new year and remind them that while the State of Israel there will not be another Holocaust Amen..




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