CFK pregnant Forces a vaccination that can cause abortions

He joined the Vaccination Schedule, the trivalent vaccine or acellular DTaP Bacterial and is mandatory and compulsory for all mothers of Argentina.
This is a vaccine more within the arsenal of biological weapons that drug use, Argentina to destroy society.

The vaccine in question is contraindicated embazadas in other countries since it has a dismal record of 16% of abortions after application. However in Argentina incorporated compulsorily to all pregnant women from 11 weeks of gestation.

According to VAERS, the agency that collects reports of adverse effects from vaccines in the U.S., for DTaP were recorded only in 2011, 50,345 reports of adverse events and 785 deaths. These are figures that can be considered conservative because the VAERS itself recognizes that only 5% of serious adverse effects are reported.

The prospect of the Triple Bacterial Acellular distributed in several countries includes among its side effects, paralysis and congenital immunodeficiency in the case of its application during pregnancy.

Fifteen years ago, was unanimous in the entire medical community, the contraindication for any vaccine during pregnancy, as this can induce abortions. So we can not help wondering: Are not equal pregnant 15 years ago than they are now?

The government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Wilhelm, and the pharmaceutical mafia, carry out a policy of sterilization and covert contranatalidad inducing abortions repreductiva and affecting the health of millions of girls and the proof of this is the mandatory inclusion of compulsive HPV vaccine, whose adverse effects are devastating. Destroy the ovarian tissue, and can cause paralysis and even death.

Where does the pseudo-scientific appoggiatura to support this democide is clear?

The State is based on “reports” (no studies) conducted by laboratories that produce vaccines, which then lead to articles in major medical journals. The laboratories make use of these “prestigious” publications dinfundir their products in the medical community. Agencies ‘Health’ of States, responsible for ensuring the health of the people, collect these items as medical truths, that will be the basis for the new recommendations on the modification or implementation of public health policies. This is an insult to the intelligence and common sense, and a crime against humanity.

A Medical Tyranny (Pseudo-Scientific), where the goal is not health care, but the creation of new business and maintaining diseases deliberately created. The voices of those who warn of scam vaccines, scientists and health professionals from Argentina and the world, are ignored by the mass media and the Ministry of Health of Argentina, hits the mandatory and compulsory vaccination of all citizens.

Information about the DTaP vaccine that might be aware: The FDA classifies how Class C, which means that the effects may have on the fetus, so that its application is not recommended during pregnancy are unknown. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) U.S. received test results in pregnant rats, where a significant number of offspring had congenital immunodeficiency, and admits not have advanced to human trials. This means that pregnant women in Argentina will be the “human test”, an experimental vaccine mandatory so they apply their own government.

Harmful Ingredients in DTap:

Formaldehyde (carcinogen).
Aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate (heavy metals, toxic).
Thimerosal or thiosalicylate ethyl mercury (heavy metal, toxic).
Polisorbato80 (preservative, sterilizing in mammals).
Fluent chicken embryo (allergen).

Let’s review the pseudo-“scientific” of the Federal Government, National Government sources in Argentina, compulsively to vaccinate all citizens against civil rights and common sense. And against the right to choose and to be informed of the parents.

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), which does not require laboratories to publish negative results of their studies. “The FDA laboratories and sleep in the same bed,” said former Senator Ron Paul. And the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the same agency recently acknowledged having administered vaccines containing a cancer-causing virus, 100 million Americans for more than a decade.

The National Compulsory Immunization Law 22.909/83.

Is unconstitutional because it represents a clear affront to the Right to Physical Integrity and is a form of forced medication, which is completely illegal. And even more impressive and is ignored by the entire “class” political accomplice, is that this alleged Law 22,909 Compulsory Vaccination is not even a law, but a decree of the military dictatorship of General Bignone 1983. That is, the text was neither drafted nor approved by the representatives of the people in Congress and even if it were in the future, it would be unconstitutional and illegal.

Moreover, some judges have taken to themselves, powers that are outside of constitutional law. Its function is to dispense justice. And in the case of mandatory and compulsory vaccinations any other crime is not appreciated, the abuse of power and the assault on public health that commits the state. It is not right of judges gentlemen, tell citizens what to do or how to ciudar your health or that of their children.

There are precedents to feel bad about compulsory vaccination law in Argentina. In October 2010 the Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires ordered marriage counseling holistic ayurveda, vaccinating newborn compulsively subject to use public force your child to do. This has been a lamentable failure and sassy as it is the State itself telling the sovereign citizens, their children are not his, and therefore will be vaccinated compulsively with a biological weapon. This goes against the legitimate right of parents to decide what they deem appropriate for their children’s health.

In the controversial ruling, refencia to parental authority as limited to child welfare law is made, and no desire or interest to parents. A legal aberration, where the criteria of medical tyranny as absolute truths, take precedence over the ability of parents to decide.

The prospects of most vaccines recognize a variety of adverse effects, including paralysis and death included.

Did you really think about safeguarding the child, when you apply a biological weapon that can leave you paralyzed or cause death, allegedly to prevent a disease that has not yet contracted, it is not known if the contract and that of contracting, You could easily survive?

Most vaccines prospects recognize not guarantee complete immunity to prevent disease they say.

What will safeguard the health of judges, injecting a child with a biological weapon that does not prevent 100% disease to be prevented, and that both can incapacitate or kill?

If people vaccinated are actually immunized against infectious disease. What would be the problem, or who may be at risk, contacting those who are not? So we break apart the fallacious argument to be acting under another interest other than: fear itself, or the economic benefit of the drug.

Vaccines produce immunity but not immunocompromised, and in fact many vaccines recognize their prospects. However, the medical mafia, “class” politics and judges seem to be completely determined, compulsively vaccinate all citizens from early childhood.

More troubling in the arguments presented in the failure of these judges who define as “ignorant full civil rights” is attributed the power to act for the common good, for about induviduales rights of citizens, in cases epidemic. I mean, if the laboratories re-invent a false pandemic like the H1N1 flu in 2009, the national government and the judiciary, the right to vaccinate the entire population are attributed compulsively.

Compulsive and compulsory vaccinations must end: Individual rights are not something that the state can decide if they are going to give citizens or not.

It’s time that men and women around the country to speak out forcefully about their intention to resist mandatory vaccinations, given the growing tyranny to which we are subjected. Otherwise, we can only expect more illegal, compulsory and mandatory vaccinations in perjucio health of the people and for the benefit of the economic interests of the pharmaceutical. – See more at:


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