Google buying Nest

Google has acquired Nest, a company dedicated to the manufacture of smart home and smart thermostats and smoke detectors sensors. This acquisition could mark the first step towards Google Home, a solution to centralize and control home devices through Android. Nest was founded by Tony Fadell creator of the iPod, and so far, was engaged to launch basic household devices such as thermostats or smoke alarms, providing them with connectivity and extra features. Larry Page, CEO of Google has made the announcement of the purchase of Nest by 3.200 million and has officially welcomed the team at Google Nest, and has expressed his desire to bring these countries into more homes and elements. The Nest team, but now work for Google, will enjoy some autonomy in work, which according to Fadell, who is very happy with the sale, be given the opportunity to create better devices, and make them reach more homes. Nest growth in recent years has been impressive, managing to become one of the most important in the field of smart home devices companies. Its most popular product is the smart thermostat Nest Sense, able to adapt to user habits for learning and reduce energy consumption. In Google Play Store is possible to get the application from your phone, to change the temperature control or receive alarms and notifications. The same device is connected to internet to check the weather and be adaptable to offer the best indoor environment. By purchasing Nest by Google, it is clear that the Mountain View company still wants to introduce Android in homes, investing heavily in home automation. And is that with technological advances we are experiencing, such as Bluetooth Smart, we can connect our mobile to almost anything.






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