iOS 7.1 Beta 3 allows you to delete installation files ls

When Apple launched the beta 3 of iOS 7.1 for the developers included a very useful feature, the ability to delete the download files that are installed on your device when a new version of iOS ready to be installed.

These update files are automatically installed on the iOS device when it is connected to the mains. At this point the device searches for available updates, and if any, are automatically downloaded to the device and you alert the availability of this update.

This procedure was the cause of heated debates when, earlier this year, the upgrade to go from 6 to iOS iOS 7 is sent, and that the file occupied a whopping 3 GB of space on the device, so that users forced to upgrade to iOS 7 if you wanted to recover these 3 GB of space.

If you are the “lucky ones” who have installed the beta of iOS 7.1 on your device, you can do the test when an update is available for download. Follow the path: Settings> General> Usage> and here is the update file ready to be removed, and recovering this space for your use.

iOS 7 seems to be a real surprise package, I certainly hope that in a few weeks when the final version is released, we will see a lot of new features not yet discovered that, along with optimizations and the excellent performance of this version It will become an excellent upgrade.

Now, users who do not want to install iOS 7.1 beta 3 can remove the installation files just like any other application or file. This, of course, could be a feature that would only be present in this version of the beta and could be removed in the final version of iOS 7.1.




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