The fire

They say it’s purifier,
Then I wonder,
Who dry these tears
Eternal oozing my eyes?
No one will do just your
You must learn to heal
And heal those wounds
Time passed.
Also you have, a leak
Purified blood yet
Your lost soul wanders
As crazy and embarrassed.
You cry, bleed? Then
Say, tell me you have lived,
The weight, the “backpack”
That loads?
As you wander strange
In the darkest roads
The, the weighing think,
All your dramas? Dimelo!
You have cried to the wind
Rambling but concise
Not like you, you’re going
Drifting, you’ve cried
So many times that cure and more
You have implored redemption
That soul of yours and bleeding
Tell me, do you think you’re the only
Under these conditions?
No friend, your brother
You’ve seen this walk
The world’s most miserable
You have crossed other doors
Never dare remember,
These lands south where
Death was a scene
Everyday in those dollars
Sure will not forget that, right?
Still do not understand many things
For example, other things
Without walking your naughty
Roads still not complete
To understand many things.
Remember your visit to these
Large cities, people
Sleeping on the sidewalks,
The Forgotten, “corridos”
Remember those scenes?
If you are still in your memory is
That walk, those steps through life
You know, there’s a cure
Of all your aches and pains
But remember, do not forget never
Know those stories
Because I, because that
This TOO your wealth and
Aaall resources …
They are in You! ! Just one more thing
Keep it up, they see you
As a miserable, do not tell
Shut up, you always silent,
Guard well cares what you know
What crops someday
Like today, you will be You who
Make use of these resources,
Then will come the time
Share and transmit everything.
Take care, heal, heals and cleanses
All that pain after all
You are, your own doctor
And you know, that hand feed.


German Romantic! !
😃 👍



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