Niteroi, the city of water hidden

Niteroi, the city of water hidden
 From Rio de Janeiro we had, looking like a little air, a short ferry Niterói, who twice was once capital of the state.

Niterói is 5 kms in a straight line from the city, and is connected to Rio for a large bridge, although, as in our case, also accessible by water, which is more pleasant and faster than going over the bridge where km enlarge. Besides the boats leave frequently and never missing passages to go or come.


The ferry arrives at the center of Niterói. There are a lot of people a lot of noise and lots of activity in the environment. As we move further away from the harbor life will become more relaxed and at last one can hear the whistling of the birds.

We are dedicated to meet its streets, neighborhoods filled with different recovered last Portuguese and its calm and famous beaches.


Some areas of the city saved exponents of the colonial era. They are very beautiful churches we went knowing.




The Fortress of Santa Cruz da Barra, is one of the garrisons millitares world’s oldest functioning. Accessed only with reservations and a guided tour that lasts 45 minutes. Um muito legal passeio to learn more about the origins of the city.



The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is the symbol of the city. Built by the great architect Oscar Niemeyer, never ceases to amaze and remind a flying saucer.
Inside we find the second largest collection of contemporary art in the country.
The museum is walking fast. The best are the views you have from your windows to the bay and the sea that make you want to stay and watch forever.


The richest parts of the city are always modern and best secured views.
Today is one of the Brazilian municipalities have higher quality of life.



Good program to devote an entire day when visiting Rio de Janeiro.




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