DashPad simulates the dashboard to iPad without jailbreak

Since we know the existence of the iPad, the ability to see a Dashboard natively on its 9.7-inch screen has been a matter of opinion. Some developers were interested in creating it (to see that Apple had no interest) as you would think, the application was rejected. Fortunately for those who like to have it in Cydia is available with the simple name of Dashboard application which is simple and simply equal to what we see in Mac OS X, but is very functional because to enable widgets and you have to log into the application, ie, there is a shortcut to that within the same interface enabled.

Well, if you’re not interested in the Cydia store and therefore do not have jailbreak, today we see another quite striking option. His name is DashPad company PXL Creations. Operation is via an application, this because obviously Apple ever approve it nor is Cydia for users who fear the process, implementation is via Safari.

This means we do want to access the eight widgets that have DashPad have to enter their official website and make use of them, among which feature the clock, notepad and climate. Unfortunately this feature is not free, you must pay $ 9.99 USD to make use of its benefits. Good choice for those who see it necessary to have such functions, in my case I think something similar to Dashboard will come with multitasking for iPad. I think as the change from one application to another on the tablet the iPad is handled will be similar to what we see in Dashboard instead of things that the iPhone that a lower bar opens when you want to enter another application visually, thus greatly would take advantage of the iPad screen.


Download DashPad Here: http://pxlcreations.com/?hg=0&nr=0


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