For those who notice your device a little slow, with an error or just want to restore him as the first day. Of course, with the advantage that you will not lose the jailbreak. For that there Ilex RAT.

The RAT Ilex tweak, allows us to clean all Cydia tweaks installed and even leave the device and after jailbreak. Now with the new update offers the ability to reinstall Cydia if we fail or not work as well as reset the device, remove and clean our device to leave it as newly restored.

The tweak works for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In iOS 4.0 or later versions.
Obviously you have to have the jailbreak on the device, if you know how here.

The easiest way is through Mobile Terminal. So open it and write “rat” (without quotes) and pressed enter.

A text with the options to make it appear. Select the appropriate option and enter.

1. Removes all of Cydia tweaks and adjustments.
Two. Removes all settings tweaks.

Three. Clear cache of Cydia.
April. Troubleshooting Cydia.
May. Repair Cydia.
6. Reinstall Cydia.

7. Clean temporary files from iOS.
8. Reset iOS settings.
9. Reset settings icons.
0. Delete all device applications.

10. Make copies of all of Cydia tweaks and its dependencies.
11. Restore all Cydia tweaks and its dependencies.

12. We completely remove all without losing our jailbreak.

It is advisable to have it installed but do not need it if you ever have an error in Cydia or device and let us install anything. Can we restore directly from without using iTunes and lose the jailbreak.




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