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What Apple could use screens in 2014?

Lately he is talking a lot about what kind of screens used Apple in its upcoming devices could be: iTV, iWatch, iPhone 6, iPad Enhanced Air and iPad Pro All these devices could be present throughout 2014, but How big will your screens? During these days it has carried out the CES 2014 a company called DisplaySearch has released a series of tables where possible resolutions and sizes of upcoming devices (not just Apple) is. If you want to know what are the dimensions of which could be the next screens Apple devices just have to keep reading.


The screens could be used throughout the 2014
As we said DisplaySearch on tables that I talked about in the introduction:

The following tables list the new screen models we might see in 2014. Of course, not all panels listed here enter into mass production because the strategies may change panel manufacturer. But there will be other new models not listed here. With so many new models launched panels in 2014 will be a year of innovation for the display device.

We started with the first table that influences the iWatch. According to DisplaySearch, the iWatch could have a flexible AMOLED screen of 1.6 inches.

Then we’ll talk about the Apple tablet: the iPad.

improved iPad Air: On one hand we would have the 6th generation iPad that would have a 10.1-inch screen (like its predecessors) and a resolution of 2560 × 1600.
iPad Pro: The alleged Apple tablet for professionals who would have a 12.9 inch screen with a resolution of 2732 × 2048. This TFT screen and would be 265 dots per inch.

If you know the other dimensions of screen DisplaySearch offered visitors the CES 2014, you just need to log on their official website by clicking here.

More information –

Source – DisplaySearch

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