Silent Circle Lavabit and come together to create an e eleсtrónico antivigilancia

The email service Lavabit and encrypted communications company Silent Circle decided to join forces to introduce a tool that could provide a secure encryption to any email.

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According to the website of Forbes magazine, Lavabit and Silent Circle agreed to create Dark Mail Alliance, a group of email providers that allow users to control the privacy of your email so that your data will not fall into the hands of third parties or be scanned to provide advertising or easily ‘hacked’ by a potential interceptor.

Ladar Levison, founder of Lavabit, which was used by the mail Edward Snowden, announced the formation of the group on Wednesday at a conference of computing in a Microsoft campus in Mountain View, California.

Both Lavabit, based in Texas, as Silent Circle, based in Washington, had to close its services as it would not keep running knowing they were vulnerable to surveillance by the pressures exerted by the security agencies.

The director of Silent Circle, Mike Janke, believes that “the current structure-mail address is basically broken” and that the joint initiative of the two services “is an opportunity to create a new email service where the keys are created in the device and only the user can decrypt them. ”

Silent Circle Lavabit and consider “the email should be unreadable and decipherable only by the sender and the recipient,” reports Forbes’. The tool will assign a private key to each user and introduced through their devices, and addresses and public keys stored on a public server.

“We want the system to be easy enough so that you can use up to her grandmother,” said Ladar Levison.

Mail Dark Alliance plans to present his project, which is currently under development in 2014. Janke said they will try to attract as many services as possible, including major companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. In the future, the group also hopes to have smaller providers seeking to offer their customers more services private and secure email.



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