Three ways to solve problems with tweaks that cause conflicts in your device with Jailbreak

Have you done the jailbreak on your iPad or iPhone and have problems with some tweaks from Cydia? Well in this post I will teach 3 Ways to resolve conflicts that may arise when you install some of these tweaks that have not yet been updated to work properly with iOS 6.
After the departure of Jailbreak and after declining traffic to Cydia servers, many of you have been able to install your favorite tweaks and apps to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Jailbreak. However, as we always install, test tweaks and new items to our team, there comes a time when problems we can panic when our iDevice not start can occur, restarts frequently or cause applications to suddenly close .
This behavior can be caused by installed tweaks that cause some kind of conflict in iOS, for it will teach you three ways to determine or fix these problems that cause instability or malfunctioning of your device.
Before explaining the solutions we know that means our iPhone into safe mode (safe mode): is a “Safe Mode” in which to start charging basics, disabling the tweaks from Cydia installed.
1. First, if you already know and which we have identified is that we tweak is causing conflict, we must start our device in safe mode. There are several ways to get into safe mode, the first is that the device is restarted suddenly malfunction and a tweak to log into safe mode, we can identify this in safe mode to display an alert that has failed and a legend in the status bar indicating that the device is in safe mode.

Another way to enter safe mode is restarting and let down button “Volume up” (+) during the restart, doing it this way, there is nothing to warn us that we are in Safe Mode, we just make sure that none of the tweaks that we installed are working. Once logged in safe mode we go to Cydia, Manage tab in the Packages section we access, there we remove the tweak that causes conflict, reboot your device and thus should already have our problem solved.
Two. The second way is using the popular tweak SBSettings, which has a little known feature that allows us to individually disable each of the tweaks installed and so can determine what is causing the problem.
To do this we will SBSettings, if from the Notification Center we give the button “More” but we go to the Springboard and if we run the application icon visible.
Then we move to the System Wide Options section and we access Mobile Substrate Addons, there us a list of tweaks and dependencies that are installed in the system appears.
We can disable or shut down or tweaks we believe we are causing instability when using our device and determine, with them not work, if the problem is solved. Note that to effect disabling tweaks must make a respring, just as when you go back to change.
Finally, and this is very important, when we determine the cause of the conflict tweak should be re-enabled in order to uninstall it, so we are warned in the message in red that we are shown in the top of the screen.

Three. Finally, if we have many tweaks installed, do not know what is causing the error and makes us complicated disable via SBSettings then we have an easy way to put your device just as if you had done the jailbreak, this eliminating all Cydia tweaks in one step. To do this we are going to the Manage tab in Cydia, then Packages, we are located Mobile Substrate and we will remove this erase all tweaks once and have our device without errors and can reinstall again our desired changes.

Each of the aforementioned procedures have been tested on the newly released iOS Jailbreak evasi0n 6.x and of course we have not had any problem with it. Now up to you to apply or not the solutions that we have shown and tell us through the reviews and I have been helpful and thanks to them if you have been able to solve your problems.







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