Weblin the Alternative Or what needs to Cydia Jailbreak

Cydia, despite the halo den of pirates that can hold much more than that. They are in their true repositories shaped jewelry tweaks that extend and, in many cases, improve the chances of iPhone and iPad. To use it you need the jailbreak but it seems that this is beginning to change as Weblin proposals.

If you are interested in some of the applications on Cydia but do not want or can not jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, Weblin may be the answer. Before creating false expectations must say that the proposal is very limited and needs more development to be interesting for the $ 9.99 it costs to service today.

Package Manager via Safari

Weblin is a package manager can handle both the App Store like Cydia, with the peculiarity that does not need, or at least it promises, the jailbreak to install third party applications that Apple has not approved.

First drawback, lacks support APT

His first difference is that we have Cydia to install it, but download a plug-ing for iOS Safari will allow us to download applications via the browser. And this is his first work since it only accepts “Weblin Repos”, and today the selection of some 26 applications is far from being interesting for almost ten dollars it costs. Project leaders have announced support added soon APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) which could improve the management of packages and support different kinds of repositories that are already created for Cydia.

Interesting, but so far not even remotely compensates

Moving on, when you can install a third party application on a device without jailbreak we say that the process has left us with more suspicion than answers. For a working in Weblin have to go through an old acquaintance site, uhelios account. This alternative is the same shop that also was formerly known as Zeusmos, in the circles of iOS hackers identified as a clone of the well-known “Installous” but for devices without jailbreak. It is therefore possible that if you access this service and software installed by Apple’s warranty is lost.

Many constraints and few apps

However, even risking paying and installed you need to run Weblin, what it offers is very limited and still not compensate nor for just 8 euros it costs to change as there are many limitations imposed by the system. For example, you can not install any application that requires MobileSubstrate, and this is something that most used Cydia tweaks.

It has an interesting development opportunities as an alternative to App Store and Cydia

But not everything is negative and perhaps their development may be interesting in the future when things like compatibility with APT and greater polish catalog. Applications that are installed from Weblin can be deleted in the same way you installed via the App Store, not as in case you need to uninstall Cydia from the latter. It also offers the ability to access and install apps that have been removed from the App Store like Grooveshark or Gone.



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