U.S. can spy any computer


Edward Snowden gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian after revealing one of the programs most sophisticated U.S. spy. The young American country that has raised a huge structure that allows you to view any type of human communication originated on the Internet.
From The Guardian

The young Edward Snowden gave an interview to The Guardian, from Hong Kong, China.
These days Edward Snowden is the cover of the most important newspapers in the world. This computer expert revealed to the world the spying program conducted by the U.S. government to virtual communications worldwide.

Filtered the relevant documentation and yesterday the British newspaper The Guardian published an exclusive interview with the employee of a contractor of the NSA (National Security Agency, for its acronym in English). Below we reproduce the dialogue.

Why he decided to denounce the actions of the NSA?
The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows you to intercept and capture virtually all the vast majority of human communications automatically without selecting targets. If, for example, I want to see your emails or the phone of his wife, all I need is to use interception methods that allow me to get emails, passwords, phone records, credit card data. I do not want to live in a society that does that kind of thing … I do not want to live in a world in which records everything I say and what I do. It’s something I’m not willing to defend or what you want to live.

But monitoring is not necessary to reduce the chances of terrorist attacks like Boston?
We have to decide why terrorism is a new threat. There has always been terrorism. The Boston was a criminal act. And what we decided were not monitoring techniques but policing lifetime. The police do their job very well.

Is another Bradley Manning is considered?
Manning was the classic of someone who claims a protection inspired by the example of the public good situation.

Do you think you have committed a crime?
We’ve seen enough crimes committed by the government. It is hypocritical to accuse me of it now. They have restricted the public sphere of influence.

What do you think will happen?
Nothing good.

Why has chosen Hong Kong?
I find it tragic that an American has to move to a place that is reputed to grant fewer freedoms. However, Hong Kong is supposed to have more freedom, although belonging to the PRC. It has a strong tradition of free speech.

What the leaked documents reveal?
That the NSA systematically lying to congressional questions about the scope of surveillance programs in the United States. I think when Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Mark Udall asked what dimension did this monitoring, the agency argued that it had not the tools to be able to respond. Of course we have the tools, and I have maps showing what places have people more secure. More digital communications intercepted in the United States than in Russia.

And what the Obama administration complains about hacking directed from China?
We pirateamos everything everywhere. We like to differentiate ourselves. But we are in almost every country in the world. In countries with which we are not at war.

Is it possible to surround themselves with security measures to protect against state surveillance?
They have no idea of ​​what is possible. It is frightening how far his ability to act arrives. We can intervene and computers, as soon as one enters the network, identify from which computer input. A person is never safe, even if protected. The NSA systematically lying to congressional questions about the scope of surveillance programs.

Does your family know what you had planned?
No. My family does not know what’s going on … My biggest fear is that retaliating against my family, my friends, my family. Anyone with whom you have a relationship. It is something that will haunt me the rest of my life. I can not communicate with them. Because [the authorities] will act forcefully against anyone who knows me. Knowing that does not let me sleep.

When did you decide to filter the documents?
One sees disturbing things. When is seeing everything, you realize that some of these things are excessive. And gradually the awareness that we are doing wrong is based. There was one morning when I woke up [and decided that enough was enough]. It was a natural process. In 2008 many people voted for Obama. I, no. I voted for a third party. But I thought Obama’s promises. Would reveal everything [but waited for your choice]. It is clear that continued the policies of his predecessor.

How about Obama on Friday denounced the leaks, while extolling a new debate about the balance between security and transparency?
My immediate reaction was that even he was finding it difficult to defend him. He was trying to defend the indefensible, and he knew it.

And the general reaction to the revelations?
 I was surprised and pleased to see that people reacted so strongly in defense of the rights that are repressed under the guise of security. Without being Occupy Wall Street, is forming a grassroots movement that seeks to take to the streets on July 4 to uphold the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution [Prohibiting warrantless]. It’s called Healing Our Fourth Amendment, and it originated on Reddit. Internet response has been tremendous and very courageous.

The foreign policy analyst Steve Clemons, who works in Washington, said that in the Dulles airport in the capital had heard four men who spoke of a meeting of intelligence which had just attended. Speaking of leaks, one of them said, according to Clemons, who would have to “disappear” the journalist and who had disclosed documents. How do you feel knowing?
Someone was commenting on the news said that “spies really do not talk like that.” Well, I’m a spy, and I assure you speak well. Every time we had a debate in the office about how to combat crime, never merely proposing the legal process, but suggested decisive action. They say one of those people you better throw the plane kicked to give opportunity to defend himself in court. Authoritarian mentality abounds.

Do you have any plan?
All I can do is hope and trust that the Government of Hong Kong not extradite me … My idea is to seek asylum in a country with values ​​as mine. He is more fit Iceland, where they sided with the people to defend internet freedom. I have no idea what future awaits me. Perhaps an arrest warrant issued by Interpol. But I do not think I’ve committed any crime outside the territory of the United States. I think it will unequivocally that it is a political issue.

Do you think it will end up in prison?
I could not have done this without being willing to take the risk of going to jail. Unable to face the powerful intelligence services in the world and not be aware of this danger. If you want to catch me, over time, you get it.

How do you feel now, almost a week after the first leak?
I think the outrage that has been expressed is justified. Gives me hope that happens to me what happens to me, the result will be positive for the U.S.. Do not think I’ll ever be able to return to my country, but I would.


Edward Snowden, the 29 years without university studies to work for the CIA succeeded thanks to his enormous talent for programming, has unleashed a storm in the U.S. by filtering the government monitors and digital telephone communications of millions of users.

According to the Politico newspaper, Snowden is a strong advocate of these principles to the point of decorating your computer with the slogan: “Support the digital rights: Electronic Frontier Foundation.” Antiintervencionismo supporter of the State, made donations to the campaign of presidential candidate for the Republican Party Ron Paul, known for his anti-war position and status as libertarian.

Snowden enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces in 2003, but abandoned instruction after just 5 months after leg break in a training exercise. Some time later began working as a security guard at the National Security Agency (NSA, in English), which then seep their dubious practices.

According to several U.S. media point in the last time the boy was in Hawaii working for the company Booz Allen Hamilton, one NSA contractor company and led a comfortable life with his girlfriend because of his salary of $ 200,000 annually. It was there that I had access to the last packet of documents would be released later.


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