Vladimir Putin: “We do not pursue homosexuals, but to please leave them kids alone”
Russian President Vladimir Putin, stated on Friday, January 17, 2014, that Russia “does not seek” to gays to defend a law on the prohibition of “homosexual propaganda” which has been criticized by the gay lobby in the West before Olympic Winter Games which the country will host in February. Putin says that his country is not a crime relationships between persons of the same sex but insists on defending minors promoting such acts.
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(PD / InfoCatólica) The Kremlin expects the Games, which begin on February 7 in the city of Sochi, on the Black Sea, are an example of the modern face of Russia, more than two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin has been closely identified with an event that has a cost of 50,000 million.
Last year, Russia created an uproar in certain sectors of the West and human rights activists to ban what he called the promotion of homosexuality among minors.
While calls to perform a mass boycott of the Games have failed, the controversy has overshadowed preparations for the event.
Critics say the law is discriminatory and is part of a step backwards for human rights and democratic freedoms under President Putin, who has taken a more conservative line on social issues since his return to the presidency in mid-2012.
“There is a ban on non-traditional forms of sexual interaction between people. We just have a ban on homosexual advertising ‘
Putin spoke at a meeting with young volunteers to work during the Games.
“Do not forbid anything, do not pursue anyone.”
He added that some U.S. states have laws that provide for criminal liability for sexual relations between homosexuals.
“We do not have any of that, people can feel free and at peace, but please leave them kids alone.”
Russian President forgets that the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 invalidated laws prohibiting sex between adults of the same sex.


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