Tony Fadell, one of the Fathers of the iPod, Joins Google


Google acquires Nest and will join its ranks to about 200 employees who worked for Apple.
Phil Schiller has unfollow him on Twitter at Nest and its creator Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the iPod.

Tony Fadell becomes part of Google and Phil Schiller makes you unfollow in Twitter both him and his company

It certainly has been one of the news of the week. Tony Fadell, one of those most actively involved in the creation of the iPod and it is afforded the main merits of this creation, has joined the ranks of Google. As you can imagine, this must have sat like a kick in the stomach in Cupertino.

Tony Fadell left Apple to found his own company, Nest, which focused on the creation of electronic home devices. The thermostat and smoke alarm created by the company are the main assets of this, as Nest does not have many devices on the market. Some of the main attractions of the thermostat is its innovative design and the ability to self regulate our favorite temperature alone.

However, Tony Fadell was not the only one who left the ranks of Apple, but Nest has been made, mostly by engineers and workers who were part of the company on the block in the past. But these are current employees, but many of them worked on projects such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

With the recent purchase by Google Nest is believed that the Mountain View company will earn about 200 employees who worked for Apple. Naturally, the idea that a large number of workers who knew the “modus operandi” of the block for some time to become part of its main competitor, must be sitting very badly in the ranks of Cupertino.

Google will join its ranks to about 200 employees who worked for Apple

The first reactions were not long in coming and the first to show their discontent was Phil Schiller, the marketing director of Apple. If you look at the list followed by the manager found a small difference. In the images we leave then you can see the list followed by Schiller before the news of the purchase of Nest and current.




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